1. What are the four priority work classifications in a camp?
  2. What water related term is used when cleaning a potable water container?
    Super Chlorination
  3. What water related term is used where drinking water is contained?
    Potable Water
  4. What is the minimum spacing between latrines and billeting in a Tent Camp?
    200 Feet
  5. Explain the purpose of a leach field?
    Leach fields are used for sewage treatment where common sewer systems are not available, also called absorption trenches.
  6. What are the four priority work classifications?
    • Safety, work required primarily for safety concerns.
    • Function, work primarily identified with mission of the activity.
    • Preventative, work primarily required to prevent significant deterioration of the plant property or equipment caused by continued use or from natural forces.
    • Appearance, work done primarily for preserving or upgrading the appearance of a facility.
  7. When would you begin the Super Chlorination process to disinfect water storage containers?
    Before the container is used or after it has been contaminated.
  8. What field unit purifies raw water, sea water and brackish water into potable water?
    ROWPU (Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit)
  9. What Tent facilities are provided for Administrative Subsystem of a Tent Camp?
    • Administrative
    • Medical
    • Chaplain
  10. What are the tent/facilities that are provided for a Food Service Sub system?
    • Dining
    • Preparation
    • Kitchen
    • Sanitation
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