1. What is the responsibility of the Secretary of the Navy?
    The functioning and efficiency of the Department of the Navy.
  2. What is the responsibility of the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy?
    The senior most enlisted member in the United States Navy. Serves as the senior enlisted advisor to the CNO.
  3. What “CODE” is used to identify the Supply Officer?
  4. The N-7 is what staff code in your organization?
    Training Officer
  5. What is the primary mission of Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC)?
    Centrally manages the current and future readiness, resources, manning, training and equipping of approximately 40,000 expeditionary Sailors who are currently serving in every theater of operation.
  6. What is the First Naval Construction Division’s Mission?
    To organize, train, operate and maintain the Naval Construction Force.
  7. What is the mission of Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit?
    Provide the Fleet with the capability to detect, identify, render safe, recover, evaluate, and dispose of explosive ordnance which has been fired, dropped, launched, projected or placed in such a manner as to constitute a hazard to operations, installations, personnel, or material.
  8. What is the mission of the Naval Expeditionary Logistics Group
    Deliver expeditionary logistics and equipment to theater commanders in support of the national military strategy.
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