History Summer Homework

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  1. Richard Hakluyt
    • wrote a letter to Queen Elizabeth I to convince her to colonize the world.
    • Thought it would greatly benefit England
    • planting religion among the natives
    • increase force of Christians
    • enlarging dominions of Queen Elizabeth
    • possibility of some futher discoveries
    • interviewed explorers and propaganized their stories in a book
  2. as a result of the successful domestication of maize beans and squash, some Native Americans...
    gained greater control over their environment
  3. In what is now present day Mexico, the Aztecs, Toltecs, and Mayas...
    developed advanced cultures prior to European Contact
  4. Result of the deadly disease brought to the New World by Europeans...
    an extremely high mortality rate among the natives, destroying the culture of many tribes
  5. Which of the following was a reason for the rise of the European exploration and trade...
    availability of cheaper land
  6. A 15th century European development that stimulated later exploration included...
    • development of new travel technology
    • an increase in trade
    • the rise of nation-states
  7. In Canada, the French colonial empire was...
    based primarily on the fur trade
  8. English and Spanish colonial systems differed in that...
    the english efforts were privately funded, while the Spanish colonies were supported by the crown
  9. to keep the dream of America alive, Richard Hakluyt...
    interviewed explorers and propaganized their stories in a book
  10. The English colonization of Ireland...
    experience served as a model for Englans later colonization of America.
  11. John Cabot primarily wanted to...
    find the northwest passage
  12. In his attempt to settle the Roanoke colony, Sir Walter Ralegh found that...
    inadequate financing and difficulty in communication and supplies doomed the project
  13. The key to success of Protestantism in England was...
    the fervent Catholicism of the Tudor Kings
  14. The religions settlement of Elizabeth I...
    made the chuch of england catholic in organization and ceremony, but protestant in doctrines
  15. The defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588...
    totally destroyed the spanish fleet
  16. The arrival of Europeans in the western hemisphere had little inmact on the lives of natice inhabitants... T or F
  17. Europeans were successful om teaching Native Americans to adopt European culture... T or F
  18. Columbus greatly underestimated the distance fro Spain westward to Asia... T or F
  19. was briefly indecisive because he though the Spanish might have been messengers from the god Quetzalcoatl... T or F
  20. Cortes easily defeated the Aztec Empire... T or F
  21. The Spanish colonies recieved little or no support from the government in Madrid... T or F
  22. The Act of Supremacy 1534 made the Catholic Church supreme in England... T or F
  23. The Englihs planted semi-military colonies in Ireland in the 1560's and 1570's... T or F
  24. Native American farmers grew corn, squash, and _____
  25. Most trives located on the Atlantic Coast of North America belonged to a linguistic group known as ________
    Easter Woodlands Tribe
  26. The _____ were the first to exploit Africa for slaves
  27. encomienda
    a royal grant for indian labor and land in return for Europeans protection and guidance.
  28. Who got Brazil?
  29. Who got Canada and Mississippi Valley?
  30. Who got the Mexico Area?
  31. Who got the Atlantic Coast?
  32. Bartelome de las Casas
    • Spanish guy/Spanish historian
    • didnt like how the spanish treated the indians
    • joined the indians side
    • "Protector of the Indians"
    • devoted his life to protesting the mistreatment of Indians
    • called for an end to the ecomienda system
    • won a victory battle against the spainairds
    • won new laws that banned Indian slavery and prohibited forced Indian labor and gradual abolition of the ecomienda system
    • He also wrote numerous tracts and books passionatley fighting for justice for the indians
  33. Gastaldi
    • was one of the most influential Italian cartographer
    • He made the map to give placenames to the places founded by coronado such as axa
    • greatly helped england because it made them want to go explore some more
    • He didnt have very much access to the explorers and voyagers log books, so the maps were based off of published accounts and artistic creativity of the cosmographer
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