RATs for Albom's Gun (II)

  1. epistrophe
    repitition of words at the end of phrases, clauses, etc.
  2. epizeuxis
    repetition of one word multiple times, directly after the previous one
  3. epiplexus
    rhetorical question intended to strike out with emotion
  4. hypophora
    rhetorical question with an answer that the author gives
  5. tricolon
    three parallel structures
  6. distinctio
    exploration of a definition of a word or concept
  7. syntax
    physical arrangement of words
  8. induction
    conclusion drawn from a number of facts (triangle w "theses" in it)
  9. deduction
    start with big idea and support with facts (upside down triangle w topic written in it)
  10. logic markers
    • words that are used between two IC's
    • IC; ca, IC
  11. polysyndeton
    many conjunctions, emphasises number
  12. asyndeton
    lack of conjunctions
  13. allusion
    brief reference to person, place, or event, real or fictional
  14. listing
    overwhelm by recording series of phrases etc
  15. rapport
    relationship author tries to build with audience
  16. affiliation
    author's stated or implied membership to a group
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