Dodd Frank Title X Subtitle G

  1. Sec. 1071.
    Small business data collection.
  2. Sec. 1072.
    Assistance for economically vulnerableindividuals and families.
  3. Sec. 1073.
    Remittance transfers.
  4. Sec. 1074.
    Department of the Treasury study on endingthe conservatorship ofFannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and reforming the housingfinance system.
  5. Sec. 1075.
    Reasonable fees and rules for payment cardtransactions.
  6. Sec. 1076.
    Reverse mortgage study and regulations.
  7. Sec. 1077.
    Report on private education loans andprivate educational lenders.
  8. Sec. 1078.
    Study and report on credit scores.
  9. Sec. 1079.
    Review, report, and program with respect toexchange facilitators.
  10. Sec. 1079A.
    Financial fraud provisions.
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Dodd Frank Title X Subtitle G
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