Chapter X8

  1. The purpose of a business is to:
    create and keep a customer
  2. Uncompromising Customer Service
    being adamant about providing an experience and level of assistance that is rarely if ever experienced anywhere else
  3. Guidelines for Uncompromising Customer Service
    1. taking every opportunity to meet and great each club member at all times, while on or off shift; every contact is an opportunity to create a professional relationship and eventually make a sale

    2. remembering to represent a positve image and high level of professionalism every minute of the day

    3. never give the impression that any question is inconvient, unnecessay or unintelligent

    4. expressing ideas well thru verbal communication, vocal tonality, and body language

    5. obessing on opportunities to create moments that strengthen professional relationships

    6. no merely receiving complaints, but taking ownership of them
  4. The motivation of clients is to:
    improve quality of life
  5. Technology has created lifestyle paradox, which in turn has:
    enabled people to complete daily activities with greater efficiency, but has also reduced movement
  6. In today's sedentary culture, who is teh potential client?
  7. Approaching clients:
    • say hello while on shift
    • offer towels and water
    • clean equipment
    • do not hide behind a desk, greet people
    • introdue yourself by name and ask for theirs
    • let members know that you are there to enrich the club experience by attending to any need
    • resist temptation to educate during first interaction
    • during next encounter, offer valuable assistance
  8. Factors that "put off" potential clients:
    • may i make a suggestion?
    • can i recommend a better way of doing it?
    • can i show you a different technique?
    • let me show you the right way
    • can i help you with that?
    • what's your goal for that exercise?
  9. In the client's mind value must outweigh:
    the cost
  10. Cost
    refers to the price of teh services as well as the time, effort, and commitment involved
  11. To secure a client:
    • be excellent at using NASM's integrated fitness assessments (objective/subjective info)
    • have the ability to design OPT training programs
    • explain to a client how each component of the program focuses on his or her personal goals and needs
    • demonstrate OPT system offers highest benefit
  12. READ system was developed by NASM to:
    guide health and fitness pros to aquiring new clients
  13. READ:
    • rapport - establishing positive relationships
    • empathy - understanding what motivates each person
    • assessment - identifying goals and needs of a person
    • development -
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