1. Copper and aluminum wire size for a 60 amp breaker
    #6 copper and #4 aluminum
  2. How many members serve on the Texas Real Estate Commission?
    9 members- 6 are brokers-3 are public members-all serve 6 yr staggered terms
  3. According to SOP, what must be inspected on a trash compactor?
    1. overall condition of the unit 2. report as in need of repair a unit that does not operate or operates with unusual noise or vibration level 3. report as in need of repair a unit that is not securely mounted
  4. According to the SOP. water at the faucet must be checked for ____?
    functional flow
  5. A real estate inspector is required to perform inspections under what level of supervision?
  6. What level of supervision is required for an apprentice inspector?
  7. 5B on the inspection report is?
    food waste disposal
  8. The client has the right to request that any item not be ___.
  9. If an inspectors license is revoked, how long must he/she wait to reapply?
    12 months
  10. What could result from a negligently performed inspection?
    The inspectors license could be revoked by TREC
  11. What is the minimum voltage that must be protected?
    120 volts
  12. What A/C component functions to put refrigerant gas under high pressure?
  13. Two inspectors work on a single home inspection and they miss something. What is the maximum TREC will pay from the recovery fund?
    $12,500 maximum per transaction, $30,000 per license
  14. What does a professional inspector have to put in an advertisement?
    The name or assumed business name of the licensee and the license number of the licensee
  15. How many years back can a client collect from the recovery fund because of a bad or missed call?
    2 years
  16. Dryer vents maximum length is reduced ___feet for every 45 degree bend?
    2.5 feet
  17. What is efflorescence and how does it get inside a basement?
    a white powdery substance which forms on brick walls and other masonry surfaces. caused by calcium in the concrete. It appears when there is repeated moisture or water penetration followed by drying
  18. How many inspections must a professional inspector do before he/she can sponsor an apprentice?
  19. 5I in the inspection report is?
  20. What number of stair steps must there be before a handrail is required?
    4 or more
  21. The minimum width for a stairwell is?
  22. What minimum size should an anchor bolt be?
    1/2" in diameter
  23. Where should anchor bolts be located?
    within 12" of any opening or corner and 6' on center
  24. 2A on the inspection report is?
    service supply/panel box
  25. A dryer circuit must be?
    1. dedicated 2. grounded 3. typically 240 volts
  26. What is the only thing an inspector is required to give a written opinionon?
    the foundation
  27. 1E on the inspection report is?
  28. What copper pipe is the lightest?
    type M
  29. What is the minimum clearance above the floor for electric water heaters located in a garage?
    18" from the lowest element
  30. An inspector is checking the stairs, deck, and porch of a home. What items should he check?
    1. If the deck is 30" above ground, it must have handrails 2. if it has railings, the balusters can be more than 4" apart 3. if it has 2 or more risers, it must have a handrail 4 if it has stairs, the tread must be at least 10" with a nose not exceeding 1 1/8" and the rise must be no more than 7 3/4"
  31. The shower walls must be waterproofed to ___feet from the floor.
  32. What size drain line is required for the secondary drain system used with an A/C cooling coil?
  33. Define "continuous demand"
    a load where the maximum current is expected to continue for 3 or more hours
  34. What is the minimum service size recommended by the NEC/
    100 AMPS for a single family dwelling
  35. The minimum slope for using a wood shingle is?
  36. Another name for a 4 way valve is?
    reversing valve
  37. What is the maximum heighth a breaker can be according to the NEC?
  38. How much should concrete walls extend above the finished grade?
    a minimum of 4"
  39. What is spalling?
    pieces of concrete flaking off. can be caused by a lack of a moisture barrier but is typically caused by a lack of sufficient cement in the concrete mix
  40. 2B on the inspection report is?
    branch circuit wiring
  41. How many people serve on the Texas Real Estate Inspector Committee?
    9 members. All must be professionally licensed for a minimum of 5 years. They serve 6 year staggered terms
  42. How many hours of continuing education does it take for a professional inspector to renew his license? A real estate inspector? An apprentice?
    16 8 0
  43. Why should a dirt floor be covered?
    To keep moisture from entering the crawl space
  44. What does a french drain do?
    collects subsurface water and moves it another location away from the structure
  45. What are the signs that there is a crack in the heat exchanger?
    1. irregular flame pattern when the blower is running 2. severe rusting of the heat exchanger 3. strange smells at the registers
  46. What is the maximum distance an emergency egress window can be located from the floor in a bedroom?
  47. Is a small appliance circuit allowed to have a light on the circuit?
  48. An inspector can see a seperation between the roof truss and the top of an interior wall? What does this mean?
    truss uplift
  49. Purlin supports have a maximum spacing of ____ft
  50. A plumbing vent has to extend at least ___inches above the roof and be at least ___feet from a window
    6" and 10'
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