Sports Marketing 2

  1. Which of the following is an economic factor that a sport/event marketer should consider before entering a foreign market:

    C. Infrastructure
  2. The primary reason for a snow-ski manufacturer to forecast sales is to obtain information to use in

    D. business planning
  3. Which of the following marketing-plan objectives might provide the most increase in revenue for a sport-apparel distributor:

    A. Reach more customers to increase sales by 20%
  4. As a result of evaluating the performance of its marketing plan, a swim and racquet club might decide to make changes if it discovers that the

    D. objectives are not being achieved
  5. To conduct an effective marketing audit, a sporting-goods retail chain should use a systematic and ____ approach.

    C. comprehensive
  6. One reason for a treadmill manufacturer to monitor its internal records is to obtain information that it can use to

    C. make decisions about future operations
  7. A basketball team wins a postseason playoff game and proceeds to play another team for the regional championship. In what type of tournament is the basketball team participating?

    B. Multistage
  8. Why do event organizers develop production schedules?

    C. To outline all of the activities needed to prepare for the event
  9. Requiring employees to wear appropriate clothing on the job is one way that a sport-equipment manufacturer can maintain a(n)

    D. safe work environment
  10. The function performed by a sport/event marketer in obtaining goods to be resold is

    C. purchasing
  11. One way for a basketball arena to determine if it is operating in the most efficient manner is to

    C. evaluate its systems and procedures
  12. A fitness center that inspects its equipment on a regular basis is practicing

    A. preventative maintenance
  13. A fitness center should help employees to prevent accidents and injuries by providing

    B. a safe work environment
  14. Why do sport/event marketers send representatives to trade shows?

    C. to meet new vendors
  15. Determine whether the following statement is true or false: Most people have the same kind of work style

    A. false, each individual has a workstyle of his/her own
  16. Many governments develop laws that restrict business practices involving the sale of goods below cost. The purpose of this form of legislation is to prevent _______ pricing.

    B. predatory
  17. What are sporting-goods businesses responding to when they change their selling prices to correspond to changes in what customers can afford to buy?

    A. Elastic demand
  18. A hockey team raises prices for soft drinks at its arena by 25 cents per cuop. They sell half as many soft drinks as they did before the price change. The small price change had a big impact on sales. This is an example of _____ demand.

    C. elastic
  19. A sport/event business might decide to offer certain products to customers if other businesses are successfully selling those products. This is an example of marketing being affected by a product's

    C. life cycle
  20. Which of the following technological tools helps a sport-apparel business's employees simultaneously access the same information about the business's products:

    B. Intranet
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