1. Why is aluminum wiring not recommended on most homes under new construction
    the wire oxidizes, which acts as an insulator that can increase the heat and may melt the insulation
  2. An inspector inspects a house built in 1955. He finds a wire that has a silver coating on it. What type of wire is it
    zinc coated wire/nickel coated wire; aluminum wire was not used in homes until around 1960
  3. What is the minimum size wire that can be used as a grounding electrode
    #6 copper AWG (I thought the answer was #8 copper AWG)
  4. What is the maximum height a breaker can be according to the NEC
    6ft 7in
  5. How many amps does it take to trip a GFCI
    5 to 8 milliamps
  6. How do you test a GFCI receptacle
    you use a separate GFCI testing device
  7. Define the purpose of a circuit breaker
    a circuit breaker is designed to interrupt the flow of electricity (I would think the answer would be more specific - to interrupt the flow of electricity if the conductor gets too hot, thereby preventing a fire)
  8. What is the proper length of plug and cord you would expect to find on an appliance with proper receptacle locations/spacing
    6 feet
  9. In a bathroom, how close to the sink must a receptacle on the wall be
    within 3 feet of the sink
  10. How would you report an uncovered incandescent light in a cloet
    In need of repair; uncovered incandescent lights are not allowed in closets; covered ones must have a 12-inch clearance from shelves being used as storage
  11. A house built in 1955 has an uncovered incandescent light in a closet. Which statement is true

    a. the house is old; therefore grandfathered

    b. In need of repair
    In need of repair; Texas does not allow grandfathering
  12. How deep must a ground rod be driven into the ground
    8 feet
  13. A wet bar counter receptacle must be GFCI protected if it is within ___ feet of the sink
  14. Ground rods are also referred to as ___
  15. What is the working space or clearances in front of an electrical panel
    30 inches wide by 3 feet deep (to the front)
  16. What is the purpose of a GFCI
    to reduce shock hazard
  17. An inspector finds a 3-pronged outlet in a basement with 2-wire service. He should advise the customer that:
    it is in need of repair and should be replaced with a GFCI outlet
  18. Three wires coming into the house is ___
    240 volts
  19. The maximum number of throws to disconnect all electrical power on a service panel to a dwelling is ___
  20. What is the minimum service size recommended by the NEC
    100 amps for a single-family dwelling
  21. What is the minimum voltage that must be protected
    50 volts
  22. GFCI circuit requirements are based on what code?
    For home inspectors it is based on the TAC (Texas Administrative Code) rules in which one would find Standards of Practice (SOP). SOP requires inspecting to the current edition of the 70A NEC
  23. There is an electrical panel in a bedroom closet that is acceptable. Does it matter if clothes are in the closet near it
    Yes. Clothes can be a fire hazard. It should be marked as in need of repair
  24. Define "continuous demand"
    a load where the maximum current is expected to continue for 3 hours or more
  25. A three-phase wye connection electrical system has ___ poles
  26. How many hot left are on three phases in a breaker box (delta connection)
  27. Receptacles shall have GFCI protection when they ar ___ feet from a basic or water source
    6, except the kitchen counters which must all be protected where and outlet is required
  28. What do you look for inside an electrical panel box
    NEC requires certain airspace and room for whire bending; any obvious signs of damage to the wiring or panel (there are other things not listed in the answer - be sure to look this up)
  29. A 10-gauge aluminum wire must have this size breaker
    15 or 20 amp
  30. Electrical serivce lines should clear the sidewalk and areas accessible to pedestrians by ___ feet
  31. What is the minimum clearance required above residential properties and driveways for an overhead electrical line
    12 feet
  32. Is the cord length different for 110 and 220 volts (120 and 240?) window units (a/c, I presume)
    yes; a window unit with 11-120 volts will have a max. cord length of 10 feet; a window unit with 220-240 volts will have a max. cord length of 6 feet
  33. How long can a cord and plug be to swimming pool equipment
    3 feet
  34. You can have light fixtures indoors next to a spa if they are ___ protected, rated for a damp location, and a minimum of ___ above water
    GFCI; 7 feet 6 inches
  35. You must GFCI protect all outlets within ___ feet of a spa
  36. Wall switches are not allowed within ___ feet of a spa
  37. A hot tub should not have a switch or a receptacle within ___ feet
  38. How far from the edge of a swimming pool does a junction box have to be
    4 feet
  39. The top of a light fixture in a pool should be at least ___ inches under water
  40. A junction box should be at least ___ inches above the water level if located next to a pool
  41. There should be a receptacle no more than ___ feet from a pool wal
  42. The service drop above or within 10 feet of a pool must have a clearance of at least ___ feet
  43. On an outdoor pool, an owner wants to put a light 2 feet frmo the edge of a pool. It should be at least ___ feet above the pool
  44. An electrical wire must be at least ___ feet above a diving board
  45. What amp breaker does an electric range require as a minimum
    40 amp unless AMI if different
  46. The minimum breaker size for a dryer is
    30 amps
  47. What is the max/min length for a disposal cord
    36in max; 18in min
  48. Kitchen countertops more than ___ inches wide must have a GFCI protected receptacle
  49. How many small appliance circuits are required in a kitchen
    two 20-amp small appliance circuits
  50. Is a small appliance circuit in the kitchen allowed to have a light on the circuit
  51. Which of the following is true of branch circuits in the kitchen:

    -two 20-amp small appliance circuits are required;
    -any circuit above the countertop must be GFCI protected;
    -no point along the counter may be 23 inches from a receptacle;
    All are true
  52. A small appliance circuit can be connected to how many switches or receptacles
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