Chem Unit 1 test

  1. Hot Plate
    similar to an electric stove that is used to heat substances
  2. Tongs
    used to pick up hot glass ware; cannot be used to pick up test tubes
  3. Balance
    used to measure the mass of an object
  4. Stir Rod
    a long glass pole used for stirring
  5. Ring and Ring Stand
    tall metal stick with an attatched metal ring-both of which are connected to a base; used to hold containers up off the counter
  6. Graduated Cylinder
    a glass or plastuc tool used to accurately measure the volume of a liquid
  7. Test Tube Rack
    used to hold more than one test tube at a time; it can also hold test tubes upside down to let them dry after cleaning
  8. Erlemeyer Flask
    a glass device with a narrow neck and a triangular-shaped body that is used for mixing or heating substances
  9. Bunsun Burner
    a metal device attatched to a rubber hose which uses gas and open flame to heat substances
  10. Test Tube
    thin glass cylinder used to mix/heat small ammounts of chemicals
  11. Mortar and Pestle
    porceline bowl and rod used to grind solids into powders
  12. Beaker
    a wide glass vessel with a lip or "beak" for pouring that can be used to miz or heat chemicals; NOT accurate for measuring volume
  13. Funnel
    a tube with a wide cone at one end; used to pour liquids or powders into a containder neatly
  14. Scoopula
    a skinny metal tool used to scoop up solid powders from a container
  15. Test Tube Clamp
    used to pick up and hold one hot test tube at a time
  16. Test Tube Brush
    a utensil with bristles used to clean test tubes and other glassware
  17. Image Upload 2
    Hot Plate
  18. Image Upload 4
    Test Tube Rack
  19. Image Upload 6
    Graduated Cylinder
  20. Image Upload 8
  21. Image Upload 10
  22. Image Upload 12
    Bunsun Burner
  23. Image Upload 14
    Test Tube Clamp
  24. Image Upload 16
    Erlemeyer Flask
  25. Image Upload 18
    Hot Plate
  26. Image Upload 20
    Mortar and Pestle
  27. Image Upload 22
  28. Image Upload 24
    Ring and Ring Stand
  29. Image Upload 26
    Stir Rod
  30. Image Upload 28
    Test Tube
  31. Image Upload 30
    Test Tube Brush
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