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  1. alleged
    claimed to be true, even though this has not been proved: The alleged victim's evidence could not be relied upon.
  2. mistress
    1. a woman who is having a sexual relationship with a married man. 2. a woman who is in control of a situation: Helen is very much mistress of her own affairs.
  3. stand a chance (of doing something)
    to have a chance of doing something: Do you think I stand a chance of winning first place? Everyone stands a chance of catching the disease.
  4. not stand a chance
    be not at all likely to be able to do something: He doesn't stand a chance of winning the tournament.
  5. self-destruct
    1. if something self-destructs, it destroys itself, especially by exploding. 2. to do something to harm yourself or to make yourself fail
  6. app
    application: a piece of computer software that is designed to do a particular job
  7. vanish
    1. to disappear in a sudden and mysterious way, to disappear suddenly. 2. to stop existing completely
  8. paw
    1. the foot of some animals such as cats, dogs, and bears. 2. a person's hand: Get your paws off that biscuit!
  9. supposedly
    as some people believe or say, although you may not agree with this: The house is supposedly haunted. Supposedly the process causes no environmental damage.
  10. salacious
    expressing sexual interest, or containing too much sexual detail: salacious gossip
  11. sketchy
    1. of the nature of a sketch : roughly outlined. 2. wanting in completeness, clearness, or substance: slight, superficial: the details are sketchy. 3. questionable, iffy: got into a sketchy situation, a sketchy character
  12. sneaky
    doing or saying things secretly, often in a dishonest or unfair way. This word shows that you dislike people and behaviour like this: That was a bit sneaky of you!
  13. catch
    a hidden problem or difficulty in something that seems extremely good: It sounds like a fabulous opportunity, so what's the catch?
  14. go through something
    to examine or search something very carefully: Someone had broken into the office and gone through all the drawers. Collins went through every legal book she could find.
  15. morning-after pill
    a drug that a woman can take after having sex to stop her from becoming pregnant
  16. hit the road
    to leave, or to start a journey
  17. stint
    a period of time spent doing something: He came to California after a brief stint as a waiter in New York.
  18. rehab
    rehabilitation: the process of helping someone to give up drugs or alcohol: Tony's been in rehab for the last four weeks.
  19. sober
    not drunk
  20. The Hamptons
    The Hamptons refers specifically to several villages and hamlets in the towns of Southampton and East Hampton on the east end of Long Island, New York.
  21. royally
    extremely well, or thoroughly
  22. shrub
    a low thick bush, especially one that has been planted in a garden
  23. after all
    1. used for saying that something is true despite what was said or planned before: Maybe she was right after all. I'm sorry, but we've decided not to come after all.
  24. after all
    2. used when giving a reason to explain what you have just said: She shouldn't be working so hard - she is 70, after all. I'm not really ambitious. After all, money isn't everything.
  25. manipulative
    1. someone who is manipulative makes people do what they want by influencing them in a clever or dishonest way. 2. relating to the skilful handling, controlling, or use of something such as a machine. 3. relating to the use of the hands to move or press part of someone's body as part of a medical treatment
  26. show somebody the ropes
    to explain to someone how to do a job or activity: The new secretary started today so I spent most of the morning showing her the ropes.
  27. get down to business
    to start doing something that you need to do: I have a plane to catch, so let's get down to business.
  28. tune
    1. to make small changes to a musical instrument so that it produces the correct notes
  29. tune
    2. to set a radio or television to a particular station or program: The television in the corner was tuned to BBC2.
  30. tune
    3. to develop or to train someone or something: Try to tune your ear to distinguish between the sounds. It takes a finely tuned athlete to perform in a triathlon.
  31. thoroughbred
    1. a horse that belongs to a breed (=type) that is considered of very high quality. 2. someone or something that is extremely good
  32. precision
    1. very exact and accurate: precision machinery. 2. precision horseriding
  33. overdo
    to do, say, use etc more of something that you should: Don't overdo the spices or you'll lose the flavor of the meat. I thought they overdid the sentimentality at the end of the film. Be careful not to overdo it with the exercise. I'm afraid I've overdone the vegetables.
  34. sequin
    a small shiny flat piece of plastic or metal that you can sew onto clothes to decorate them
  35. bendy
    easy to bend: a bendy straw
  36. twirl
    a quick movement in a circle: She did a neat twirl in the middle of the room.
  37. promo
    something that advertises a product
  38. Guitar Hero
    The Guitar Hero series is a series of music video games first published in 2005 by RedOctane and distributed by Activision in which players use a guitar-shaped peripheral to simulate the playing of lead, bass guitar and rhythm guitar across numerous rock music songs.
  39. curling
    Curling is a team sport in which stones are slid across a sheet of carefully prepared ice towards a target area.
  40. sweeping
    After the stone is delivered its trajectory can still be influenced, if necessary, by the two sweepers under instruction from the skip.
  41. chap
    a man, especially one that you like: Bill's such a nice chap. Who's the tall, dark-haired chap?
  42. lutz
    a backward figure-skating jump with a takeoff from the outside edge of one skate followed by a full turn in the air and a landing on the outside edge of the other skate
  43. dizzy
    feeling as if you or the things around you are spinning, especially when you think you are going to fall: I felt dizzy and had to sit down. The dizzy spells (=periods when you feel dizzy) have stopped completely.
  44. cause
    1. an aim, idea, or organization that you support or work for, for example in politics: Campaigners hope that people will be sympathetic to their cause. He has championed the cause of renewable energy since the mid-1970s.
  45. cause
    2. an organization, plan, or activity that you are willing to support because it provides help or benefit to people who need it: Please give as much as you can: it's for a very worthy cause. It may be hard work but it's all in a good cause.
  46. the clock is ticking
    used for saying that someone must do something quickly because there will soon be no more time left: The clock is ticking on the peace talks.
  47. spread out
    move outward: The soldiers fanned out.
  48. secure
    1. to get or achieve something important: He secured widespread support among the party's senior members.
  49. secure
    2. to make an area or building safe: A police escort secured the route of the American president. We have done our best to secure the embassy against terrorist attacks.
  50. secure
    3. to hold something firmly in place by tying or fastening it: Screws secure the steel bars to the window frame. a pile of letters secured with a piece of string
  51. secure
    4. to get money from a bank or from a person by agreeing to give them goods or property if you cannot return the money: The loan is secured by a mortgage on our house.
  52. perimeter
    1. the outer edge of an enclosed area of ground such as a field or airport. 2. the total length of the sides of a shape such as a square or rectangle
  53. up North
    to or at the northern part of the country or the world: I don't like living up North. I want to move down South where it's warm. When you say "up North," do you mean where the polar bears live or just in the northern states?
  54. keep your nose out
    used for telling someone that you do not want them to know about things that are private: Keep your nose out of my business.
  55. sorry
    pathetic: used for emphasizing that something is so bad that it makes you feel sympathy: What a sorry sight they were!
  56. prophecy
    1. a statement about a future event made by someone with religious or magic powers: a Biblical prophecy. Merlin's prophecies. 2. the ability to see what will happen in the future: the gift of prophecy
  57. prophesize or prophesy
    to describe a future event using religious or magic powers: to say that you believe something will happen in the future
  58. in jeopardy
    likely to be damaged or destroyed: His political career was in jeopardy. The crisis put thousands of jobs in jeopardy.
  59. frogman
    someone who does police or military work under water using special clothes and equipment
  60. need-to-know
    used for describing the principle that secret information will only be given to people who need it to do a particular job: In our business, you work on the need-to-know principle.
  61. once and for all
    completely and finally: The Supreme Court's ruling should decide this matter once and for all.
  62. field-test
    to test something in real conditions, rather than in a laboratory
  63. topside
    on or relating to the deck of a ship
  64. lockout
    a situation in which a company refuses to allow workers to come to work until they accept the working conditions that the company is offering them
  65. mount
    to prepare for and begin an activity or event: We are mounting a campaign to recruit more volunteers. Government forces have mounted an attack on a rebel base.
  66. intercept
    to stop, catch, or take control of someone or something before they can get to the place they are going to: We intercepted a message sent from a business firm in Paris to The Hague. Townsend intercepted a pass and ran half the length of the pitch to score.
  67. hickey
    love bite: a red mark on someone's skin, especially on the neck, that is made by sucking while kissing. The usual American word is hickey.
  68. Hair iron
    A hair iron or hair tong is a tool used to change the structure of the hair using heat. There are three general kinds: curling irons, used to make the hair curly, straightening irons, used to straighten the hair, and crimping irons, used to create crimps of the desired size in the hair.
  69. drain
    1. to let liquid flow away from something. 2. to use so much of someone's energy or strength etc that they feel very tired or weak
  70. birthmark
    a red or brown mark on the skin that some people are born with
  71. whatever you do
    used for emphasis when you are warning someone that is very important to do or not to do something: Whatever you do, don't lend him money.
  72. turtleneck
    1. a high collar on a sweater that fits closely around the neck. 2. polo neck. a sweater with a high neck that folds over. The American word is turtleneck.
  73. giveaway
    1. a movement, action, or expression on someone's face that shows the truth about something or that lets you realize something that should be a secret: I knew she'd passed. Her face was a dead giveaway.
  74. giveaway
    2 .a present that a company gives you to try to persuade you to buy things from them
  75. have a field day
    to have the chance to do something that you really enjoy, especially when it causes trouble for someone else
  76. Dog Pile
    A group of people jumping on on person and creating a tower of people while crushing the people on bottom.
  77. dill
    a type of herb (=plant used for giving food a special flavour)
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