Lab Saftey

  1. Rule #1
    Read the rules and directions for all labs before begginning.
  2. Rule #2
    Never eat or drink in the lab. Also do not test unkown substances by smelling or tasting them.
  3. Rule #3
    No horse play of any kind at any time.
  4. Rule #4
    Wear the proper equitment for lab (Goggles in labs that involve chemicals, fire, or machines; Tie back long hair, ect.)
  5. Rule #5
    Dispose of used materials in the proper containers. All chemicals cannot be poured down the drains.
  6. Rule #6
    Know the location of all saftey equitment and how to use it.
  7. Rule #7
    Notify the teacher immediatly if there is an accident!!!!!!!!!
  8. Rule #8
    NEVER climb, sit, or stand on lab stations at any time.
  9. Rule #9
    When in doubt... ASK THE TEACHER.
  10. PASS P-
    Pull the Pin.
  11. PASS A-
    Aim at the problem.
  12. PASS first S-
    Squeese the handle.
  13. PASS second S-
    Sweep back and forth over the problem.
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