VAN - Pastas.txt

  1. Italian Pasta Toss
    Cavatappi w/TMP. sauteed in garlic house sauce crp + parm. Add sausage or ckn. Add broiled shrimp.
  2. Chicken Parmesan
    Breaded chicken brst on bed of spagheti top w/ red sauce or boursin sauce + parm.
  3. Chicken Caccitore
    Chiken brst sauteed w/ MOP w/ red sauce over fettucini
  4. Seafood Pasta
    Tiger shrimp and mussels mix with MP w/ red or alfredo over fettucini
  5. Veal Parmesan
    Breaded veal on bed of spagheti with Rosé sauce + parm.
  6. Fettucini Alfredo
    Fettucini w/ alfredo or boursin + parm. Add ckn broc or br.shrimp
  7. Classic Pesto
    Penne pasta w/MT in pesto sauce. + parm. Add sausage ckn broc or br.shrimp.
  8. Beef Stroganoff
    Fettucini topped w/ homemade sauce.
  9. Penne Pasta
    Penne w/ red alfredo or boursin + mozz. Add sausage meatball ckn or broc.
  10. Baked Mac & Chz
    Penne w/ homemade sauce. Add ckn.
  11. Ravioli
    Meat or Chz filled w/red alfredo or boursin + mozz. Add sausage.
  12. Homemade Lasagna
    blend of meats ricotta mozza parmesan in red sauce.
  13. 4 Pastas 3 Sauces 2 Addons
    Spag•Cavatappi•Fettu•Penne // ItalianRed•Pesto•Rosé // Sausage or Meatballs
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VAN - Pastas.txt
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