Basic Movements

  1. High Cut - excluding notes
    Spring, hop, or dissasemble, & simultaneously on landing, take the WF to 3rd rear aerial pos, then (working from the knee joint only), extend the WF towards 2nd aerial pos & return it to 3rd rear aerial.

    During the elevation, 1 or both legs are extended to 2nd aerial pos.

    Unless where specially designated, there is no side travel in this mvmt.
  2. When is the only time a High Cut can be danced with travel?
    In the 3rd Toe Heel step in the Swords. Bar 16 (count 1&) you travel to the right.
  3. High Cut Notes (4)
    1. Performed in a series, high cutting can be described as a succession of springs from 3rd rear aerial to 3rd rear aerial, executing a HC each time & during each elevation extending both feet towards 2nd aerial pos, although this extension of the foot from which each spring is started is slight.

    2. If performed in a series, HC can be danced w/ or w/out extensions.
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Basic Movements
Basic Movements