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  1. Vannelli's Cut
    Eight-Ounce Angus juicy and tender. no knife
  2. NY Strip
    12 oz. choice center cut
  3. Ribeye
    char-broiled to perfection. 10 oz/ 16 oz
  4. Vannelli's Italian Steak
    eight ounce steak sliced and sauteed with onions. peppers. mushrooms. tomato in rich brown sauce
  5. Prime Rib
    seasoned and slow cooked. Lady cut 16oz. Lord cut 20oz. FRI & SAT ONLY.
  6. Add to any Steak
    Fried Onions or Mushrooms; 4 fried or broiled shrimp; surf n turf w/crab legs
  7. Lord Cut Pork Chop
    12oz. center cut bone-in chop. seasoned/charbroiled; Try w/ JD glaze
  8. BBQ Ribs
    full rack slow cooked pork ribs
  9. Boneless Chicken Breast
    Char-broiled chicken breast on bed of wild rice w/ side of house white sauce. Top w/ ham&swiss or broc&swiss
  10. BBQ Rib Combo
    half rack ribs + Charbroiled chiken breast OR 4 Broiled/deepfried shrimp
  11. Salmon Oscar
    Charbroiled fillet w/ lemon-pepper & butter. topped w/ hollandaise and asparagus
  12. Walleye
    lightly breaded and cooked to golden brown or broiled w/ lemon-pepper & butter. seved w/ Tartar sauce
  13. Butterflied Shrimp
    8 lightly breaded shrimp fried golden and served w/ Tartar or Cocktail
  14. Scampi Style Shrimp
    8 Black Tiger shrimp sauteed in garlic butter.
  15. All You Can Eat Crab Legs
    Wednesday 5-9pm
  16. All Dinners Include
    Soup OR Salad + choice of FF. Au gratin. Garlic mash. Hash browns. Wild rice. Spag or Fett.
  17. Add to Dinner for 2.95
    Steamed Asparagus OR Broccoli. OR Sauteed Peppers and Mushrooms.
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