Math 211 test 2

  1. Take away concept- subtraction
    You actually take it away
  2. comparison concept- subtraction
    Actually comparing the two and finding out the difference between the two
  3. Missing addend- subtraction
    Find out the missing number- kind of like comparison
  4. Sharing(partitive) concept- division
    Passing around one to each until it runs out
  5. Measurement(subtractive) concept- division
    Subtracting the number being divided until it runs out
  6. Algorithm
    Specific set of instructions for carrying out a procedure or solving a problem, usually with the requirement that the procedure terminate at some point
  7. Left to right addition
    An algorithm that begins with the digits on the left
  8. Closure property for addition
    for any whole numbers a + b is a unique whole number
  9. Closure property for multiplication
    For any whole numbers, a*b is a unique whole number
  10. Additive Identity
  11. Identity property for multiplication
    a * 1 = a
  12. Commutative of Addition
    a+b = b+a
  13. Commutative of multiplication
    a * b = b * a
  14. Associative of addition
    (a + b) + c = a + (b + c)
  15. Associative of multiplication
    (a * b) * c = a * (b * c)
  16. Distributive property for multiplication over addition
    a*(b+c) = (a*b)+(a*c)
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Math 211 test 2
math 211 test 2