State Board Review

  1. One of the major elements required for good health is proper:

    B) diet
  2. For a good sitting posture, keep your knees and:

    B) feet close together
  3. A successful cosmetologist is a skilled:

    A) listener
  4. Bacteria are not harmed by disinfectants while in the:

    D) spore-forming stage
  5. Bacilli are bacteria with a:

    D) rod shape
  6. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS):

    A) is caused by the HIV virus
  7. Surfaces that may be sterilized are:

    C) nonporous
  8. Disinfection is one step below sterilization because it does not:

    C) kill bacterial spores
  9. A disinfectant that is "Formulated for Hospitals and Health Care Facilities" must be pseudomonacidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, and:

    B) virucidal
  10. Rather than using bar soaps, which can grow bacteria, you should provide:

    D) pump-type antibacterial soap
  11. The technical term for eyelash hair is:

    D) cilia
  12. The chemical composition of hair varies with its:

    D) color
  13. The club-shaped structure that forms the lower part of the hair root is the:

    B) bulb
  14. The growing phase of hair is known as:

    B) anagen
  15. A topical solution applied to the scalp that is medically proven to regrow hair is:

    D) monoxidil
  16. Long, thick pigmented hair is known as:

    A) terminal
  17. Hair flowing in the same direction is known as:

    A) the hair stream
  18. Wiry hair may have a hard, glassy finish caused by:

    B) flat cuticle scales
  19. A miniaturization of certain scalp follicles contributes to:

    D) androgenetic alopecia
  20. Trichoptilosis is the technical name for:

    B) split ends
  21. The medical term for dandruff is:

    A) pityriasis
  22. A cape must not touch the client's skin because it may:

    B) be a carrier of disease
  23. In order to determine the water temperature during a shampoo:

    C) keep one finger over the spray nozzle
  24. Proper shampooing helps prevent:

    A) scalp disorders
  25. To maintain proper tension during haircutting:

    D) do not cut past your second knuckle
  26. The amount of elevation from the head form is:

    C) measure in degrees
  27. Thinning is not advisable in the:

    D) parting and hairline
  28. The results of a high-elevation haircut should be:

    D) the same length throughout the head
  29. If the head is pushed forward during a haircut, the results will be:

    C) undercut
  30. Transition lines in hairstyling are usually:

    B) curved
  31. The actual surface quality of the hair is referred to as:

    A) texture
  32. The place the eye sees first in a hairstyle is the point of:

    D) emphasis
  33. A tight, firm, long-lasting curl is produced by the:

    A) no-stem curl
  34. A finished curl is not affected by the:

    D) shape of the base
  35. If hair is wound one complete turn around a roller, it will create:

    B) a C-shape
  36. When a smooth comb-out is desired, be sure to:

    B) brush the hair smooth
  37. The temperature of heated thermal irons is tested on:

    B) a piece of tissue paper
  38. Before the hair is combed out after blow-dry styling, it should be thoroughly:

    D) cooled
  39. The styling of hair with an air waver is performed in the same manner as:

    B) finger waving
  40. Before perming, the hair should be tested for porosity and:

    C) elasticity
  41. The size of the curl or wave in permanent waving is controlled by:

    B) the size of the perm rod
  42. The diameter of the individual hair strand is the hair's:

    C) density
  43. Average permanent wave partings should match:

    B) the diameter of the rod
  44. When a perm is activated by outside heat, such as a hood dryer, it is:

    B) endothermic
  45. A weak or limp wave formation is the result of:

    A) underprocessing
  46. Acid-balanced and neutral permanent wave lotions produce:

    A) soft, natural-looking waves
  47. A predisposition test is performed before a haircolor service to determine:

    B) allergy to aniline
  48. The lightest primary color is:

    D) yellow
  49. Orange is created by mixing:

    A) yellow and red
  50. Semi-permanent color:

    A) will fade without a regrowth
  51. Dry peroxide is used to:

    A) boost peroxide strength
  52. Progressive haircolors fall under the classification of:

    A) metallic dyes
  53. Non-ammonia alkali and low volume developer is used with:

    D) oxidative deposit-only color
  54. A disadvantage of cream peroxide is that it:

    B) may dilute the color strength
  55. To lighten previously tinted hair:

    D) use a color remover before tinting
  56. A factor that affects the processing time of a chemical relaxer is:

    C) hair porosity
  57. The test that determines the hair's degress of elasticity is known as the:

    D) pull test
  58. The two general types of hair relaxers are ammonium thioglycolate and:

    B) sodium hydroxide
  59. If hair "beads" from the scalp during a relaxer:

    B) continue to process
  60. Hair pressing generally lasts:

    A) until shampooed
  61. When pressing gray hair, use light pressure and:

    A) moderate heat
  62. A hard press in which a hot curling iron is passed through the hair first is called a:

    D) double press
  63. A scalp may be classified as normal, flexible, or:

    B) tight
  64. Each time a human hair wig is dry-cleaned, it should be:

    D) reconditioned
  65. If a client is accidentally cut during a manicure, apply_____to stop the bleeding.

    C) powdered alum
  66. While a manicure is performed, instruments should be kept in a:

    A) jar sanitizer
  67. A hand massage may be given during a manicure:

    B) before polish
  68. Brushes used for acrylic overlays are cleaned by dipping into:

    D) polish remover
  69. The strongest material used for nail wrapping is:

    C) linen
  70. Fungus is caused by the trapping of dirt and _____between artificial nail products and the natural nail.

    A) moisture
  71. The light color of the lunula is caused by light reflection where:

    B) the matrix and connective tissue of the nail bed join
  72. The technical name for the nail is:

    A) onyx
  73. The medical term for brittle nail is:

    D) onychorrhexis
  74. Bitten nails are referred to as:

    B) onychophagy
  75. One area the cosmetologist is not licensed to massage is the:

    C) leg above the knee
  76. The most invigorating massage movement is:

    D) tapotement
  77. Following the removal of blackheads apply:

    D) astringent
  78. Studies show acne may be due to:

    D) hereditary factors
  79. A household ingredient that may be used for a hydrating effect in a mask is:

    C) honey
  80. Eyebrows are properly tweezed:

    C) in the direction of their growth
  81. The layer of the epidermis that is continually being shed is the:

    D) stratum corneum
  82. The duct of an oil gland empties into the:

    A) hair follicle
  83. Comedone is the technical name for a:

    C) blackhead
  84. In seborrhea, the appearance of the skin is:

    A) oily and shiny
  85. Hyperhidrosis occurs most frequently in the area of the:

    A) armpits
  86. The cotton cloth is removed after a wax treatment:

    B) in the opposite direction of hair growth
  87. The temperature of hot wax should be tested on:

    D) your arm
  88. The heart, lungs, kidneys, stomach, and intestines are body:

    A) organs
  89. One of the functions of the bones is to:

    C) give shape and support to the body
  90. A unit of electrical pressure is referred to as a/an:

    C) volt
  91. The Tesla current is commonly called the:

    C) violet ray
  92. About 80% of natural sunshine consists of:

    B) infrared rays
  93. The smallest particle of an element is the:

    D) atom
  94. Baby shampoos are generally classified as:

    A) amphoterics
  95. An alkaline causes the hair to:

    C) soften and swell
  96. Quats may be included in moisturizers for their ability to:

    C) attach to hair fibers
  97. The ingredients in deodorant soap that may increase skin sensitivity to the sun is:

    A) triclocarbon
  98. Salon and individual licenses are covered by:

    D) state laws
  99. Before selling a service or product to a client, you must first determine if there is:

    D) a need for it
  100. Payroll books and canceled checks should be retained for:

    C) 7 years
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