Diagnostic errors

  1. What is an availability heuristic error?
    • Availability heuristic errors arise when a clinician has encountered a similar presentation and jumps to the conclusion that the current diagnosis
    • must be the same as in the previous case.
  2. What is an Anchoring heuristic error?
    • Anchoring heuristic errors occur when a clinician holds to an initial impression, such as might occur when a referring physician has provided
    • a diagnosis that is then accepted at face value.
  3. What is a "no-fault error?"
    • A no-fault error is one in which the presentation is misleading and the clinician really has no opportunity to pick up clues
    • based on any data that there is an underlying problem.
  4. What is a system-related error?
    • A system-related error is one in which processes intended to facilitate
    • routine health care fail, such as a lab error giving an erroneous test result.
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Diagnostic errors
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