A-B SAT Vocab

  1. Abolish
    To do away with: to put an end to
  2. Accent
    To emphasize; distinctive manner of pronunciation
  3. Acquiesce
    To agree; to accept; to give in
  4. Aesthetic
    Relating to beauty and art
  5. Affirmation
    statement of validation or confirmation: a positive asseration
  6. Ambivalence
    Undecided: having mixed emotions about something
  7. Ambulatory
    Able to walk
  8. Anchor
    To hold in place
  9. Anecdote
    Short story of an interesting or amusing event
  10. Arrogant
    Overly convinced of one's own importance or superiority
  11. Articulate
    Able to speak well; precisely defined; intelligible
  12. Assess
    To estimate the value of something; to measure
  13. Authoritarian
    Against individual freedom; favoring absolute obedience
  14. Biased
    Not neutral; prejudiced; leaning to one side
  15. Bizarre
    Strinkingly unconventional; odd eccentric
  16. Blunder
    To make a stupid mistake; to move unsteadily
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