1. Sensitivity testing
    is done to determine the drug of choice and is commonly done on Mueller-Hinton agar
  2. The substance used to prevent x-ray exposure is
  3. The most common positions for chest x-rays are
    PA and Lateral
  4. Gram staining is done to determine
    Whether a bacteria is gram positive or gram negative
  5. On a normal ECG tracing, the first wave to show a downward deflection is a
    Q wave
  6. The purpose for applying paste or jelly when running an ECG is to
    Reduce skin resistance
  7. The first sound heard while taking blood pressure is
    Systolic pressure
  8. A counting chamber utilized in maual macroscopic methods is called a
  9. Normal oral temperature is 98.6 F. The equivalent Celsius temperature is
    37.0 C
  10. Active immunity will be produced
    When the antigens or microorganisms are injected into the patient
  11. When autoclaving surgical instruments, the timing period begins
    when adequate pressure has built up and when proper temperature has been reached.
  12. Large amounts of injectable medication, at least 2ml or more, are given
  13. Hot packs are a form of physical therapy that provides
    superficial and moist heat.
  14. Ultrasound waves are disrupted by
    Air and gas
  15. Medconsonlator is indicated
    for torticollis
  16. Syringes are graduated in
    tsp and tbsp
  17. IPPB is used in the treatment of
    Pnuemonia, COPD and emphysema
  18. A hemostatic forcep
    clamps off small vessels and bleeders
  19. The largest white blood cells are the
  20. The universal blood donor blood type is
    Type O
  21. The nerve to be concerned about when giving an injection into the buttocks is
    the sciatic nerve.
  22. An injection into the tissues between the skin and muscle is called
  23. Size of the needle is expressed in
    Guage numbers
  24. GTT is a test for
    Sugar metabolism
  25. Hemostats are a type of
  26. What is the longest time a tourniquet should remain on the patient's arm?
    One minute.
  27. An erythrocyte is also known as a
    Red blood cell
  28. A leukocyte is also known as a
    White blood cell
  29. A urine test usually requires between ___ and __ mL of the specimen
  30. What are the two types of direct examination using a microscope to identify microorganisms?
    Wet mount and KOH mount
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