Sports & Entertainment Marketing

  1. An advantage to a sport/event business of filing bankruptcy is that the process often allows the business to:

    A. reorganize
  2. Which of the following is a total ban on exporting certain types of sporting goods and exercise equipment:

    D. Embargo
  3. A concert facility was fined $1 million for dumping toxic waste in the local river. What federal environmental regulation did the facility violate?

    D. Clean Water Act
  4. What would be the most cost effective and efficient means of distributing large quantities of golf balls and golf tees throughout a geographic region?

    C. Motor carriers
  5. Technological advancements have made it possible for some sporting-good manufacturers to communicate directly with customers, which reduces the need to use

    A. intermediaries
  6. Which of the following is a legal requirement of most governments that has an impact on distribution:

    A. Export license
  7. In the sport/event industry, horizontal conflict occurs among channel members that are ______ of the channel.

    D. at the same level
  8. To make a request of a business associate or customer is one of the reasons why sport/event marketing employees write

    C. letters on inquiry
  9. Which of the following is often the most effective way of giving instructions for completing job tasks:

    B. Demonstration
  10. What should sport/event businesses avoid doing in order to be ethical when providing information about services to customers?

    A. Overpromising
  11. When Brian got his job at FunTime Amusement Park, he made sure he knew how to use the cash register, became familiar with all the parks services and prices, and kept his work station very organized. In which way did Brian demonstrate the customer-service mindset?

    B. Being efficient
  12. How can a sporting-goods salesperson try to reduce the number of customer complaints about the products customers buy?

    B. By identifying the customer's real needs
  13. How can sport/event organizations distribute large quantities of pocket schedules in a cost-efficient manner?

    C. Ask local retailers and vendors to distribute them to their customers
  14. What economic activity examines how money payments are divided between resource owners and producers?

    B. Distribution
  15. Roe's Sporting Goods sews custom team uniforms for local sports teams by allowing customers to choose from various styles, colors, logos, and numbering for their uniforms. What type of utility is Roe's Sporting Goods demonstrating?

    B. Form
  16. A sport/event manager who helps an employee decide when and where products should be delivered performs which management function?

    C. Directing
  17. A major problem for individuals and private businesses in a socialist command economy is:

    C. taxes
  18. Why do some governments set very high taxes on certain products?

    D. To limit the sale of those items
  19. When sport/event businesses compete by offering consumers higher quality products, increased customer service, and attractive facilities, they are engaging in _________ competition.

    C. nonprice
  20. Why do governments usually calculate the unemployment rate on a monthly basis?

    A. To detect changes in the economy
  21. The owner of Eckel's Sporting Goods has asked the manager to open another branch of the store. What phase of the business cycle would be most likely to benefit this new branch?

    A. expansion
  22. Which of the following is a process that an athletic department's employees might use to develop political relationships within an organization?

    C. Networking
  23. Employees who work in the sport/event industry can cope more easily with authoritarian leadersby developing

    C. patience
  24. Consensus building is a process that often enables a group to

    C. reach an agreement
  25. What might sport-marketing businesses offer customers in an effort to collect past-due accounts?

    C. Revised payment plan
  26. To purchase equipment for his fitness center, Juan Rodriguez signed a promissory note for a loan. In this credit arrangement Juan is the

    C. borrower
  27. In order to open her sporting-goods business, Ali is borrowing $275,000 from a bank. So Ali understands the terms of the loan, the bank outlines the terms in a formal agreement and requires Ali to sign it. This is as example of a financial

    D. contract
  28. Which of the following is an example of a lending investment:

    B. Bonds
  29. The Chrysler Theater is hosting the road show of "Annie." In which of the following cases would the theatre be liable for damages:

    C. A guest trips on loose carpet in the hallway and sprains an ankle
  30. When preparing a cash-flow statement, an amusement park would list the liquidation of assets as

    D. income
  31. A bicycle repair-shop owner developing an operating budget has determined that total expenses for the year will be $42,500. If the owner wants to have a gross proFit of $36,000, what amount of sales should be forecast?

    D. $78,500
  32. What do sport-marketing businesses often calculate to determine if their output is generating an adequate amount of profit?

    A. Marginal revenue
  33. When interviewing job applicants for a sport/event marketing position, it is often necessary for the interviewer to:

    B. verify information listed on the resume
  34. As manager of event services, you are responsible for terminating a long-time employee whose position is being eliminated due to changes in technology. The best way to handle this situation is to

    B. offer to help the employee find another job
  35. Why should you give sport-marketing employees meaningful tasks from the beginning?

    B. To make them feel productive
  36. Which of the following is true of a sport/event organization's marketing-information management system:

    A. It can provide relevant, accurate, and timely information
  37. Which of the following could be used to encourage an athletic organization's employees to communicate their dissatisfactions to management:

    B. Suggestion Boxes
  38. When obtaining marketing information from customers, it is unethical for a sporting-goods store to neglect to tell customers

    C. how the information will be used
  39. Athletic organizations can retrieve external marketing data by accessing

    B. web-based information services
  40. An individual wishing to start a gold practice range identifies the location of potential customers and the location of all competitors in order to

    D. assess a trading area
  41. To determine how research data relate to the questions they have been raised, a sport/event marketing researcher must _____ the situation

    C. analyze
  42. Why would a manager include frequency tables in a marketing report that will be distributed to many departments in the sporting-goods chain?

    D. To graphically depict various statistics
  43. Entertainment marketers should identify their target markets after they have carefully examined

    D. available data and research about the segment
  44. Which of the following is a question that the marketing-information management function can help fitness centers answer:

    B. Where are customers located?
  45. Which of the following should sport-apparel retailers consider when determining whether it is cost effective to extend or reduce operating hours:

    C. Periods when sales are strong or weak
  46. Which of the following does not indicate a need to change marketing strategies:

    A. Stable economic conditions
  47. When Yvette began making plans to open Yvette's Gymnastics Instruction, she decided to offer her services to children ages 4-14. This process is known as _______ segmentation.

    D. market
  48. What does a sport/event business develop during the marketing planning process?

    B. Strategies
  49. Sport/Event marketers should check on their markets periodically because markets can

    D. change
  50. Which of the following is an economic factor that a sport/event marketer should consider before entering a foreign market:

    A. Segment size, competitors, and demand
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