MCAT Vocabulary 6 : Vocab Relevant to MCAT

  1. pedestrian

    Leasing cars is a pedestrian way of driving new cars in the US
  2. ambivalence
    The coexistence of two opposing feelings about something or someone. Like love and hate

    At times I've felt ambivalent about **********
  3. preempt
    to appropriate, sieze, or take for oneself before others

    I preempted 422 before bill, or somonelese said they would take it.
  4. dock
    to cut out

    to dock the fat from the meat.
  5. harbor
    to nourish. A place of shelter

    home is my harbor
  6. revamp
    renovate, redo, revise

    the BMW station wagon from the test, rolled at maneuvering, and engineers had to revamp the design of the suspension before the production model was released
  7. deceive
    to cause someone to believe something not true, typically in order to get personal advantage

    PUA's are decieving
  8. disown
    refuse to acknowledge or maintain connection with. Desencartarse de…

    *** had a baby with ****'s sister, and later disowned her and moved states.
  9. kernel
    the inner edible seed of a cereal enclosed in a husk

    The kernel is the only thing that you eat from sunflower seeds, the husk you throw out.
  10. ostracize
    To exclude from a society or group

    Chayanne was ostracized from the hip dysplasia group because he wanted to do his own thing.
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MCAT Vocabulary 6 : Vocab Relevant to MCAT
MCAT Vocabulary 6 : Vocab Relevant to MCAT