MCAT Vocabulary 5 : Vocab Relevant to MCAT

  1. unfettered
    free from inhibition or constraint

    my mind unfetters when my heart is healthy
  2. secular
    pertaining to things that are not religiuous

    Western civilization course back in SCC gave us a secular point of view of Christianity. Council of Nicea, etc.
  3. contempt
    the feeling that someone or something is worthless

    I accidentally built insiduous contempt about this relationship.
  4. hindsight
    understanding of a situation after it has happened

    I could never have had hindsight of the breakup. I'm glad I didn't know what was coming, else I don't know what I would have done.
  5. quell
    to suppress

    To study well for mcat, one must quell the desires to go out and have fun or do other things.
  6. exultant
    Triumphantly happy

    I went home exultant after June 2 Hip Dysplasia meeting.
  7. belie

    the great condition of the Accod belies the way in which I drove it for all these years.
  8. resilience
    an object capable of returning to its original shape after bending, or other type of stress

    The linear region of a stress-stress plot represents the resilient region of the material
  9. repercussion
    the result of a rebound to something done to an oposing body or force

    narcos bombed buildings as repercussion for the heavy government intervention in the traficking business.
  10. accoutrement
    accesorio - an accessroy item of equipment or dress

    Bill likes how I use my sunglassees as accoutrement
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MCAT Vocabulary 5 : Vocab Relevant to MCAT
MCAT Vocabulary 5 : Vocab Relevant to MCAT