1. Mission Statement
    to enhance public safety by making informed parole decisions and successfully transitioning offenders back into the community
  2. Job of Board Members
    *It contains authority to carry out established needs of the criminal justice system,

    *flexibility to address the unforeseen challenges,

    *and protection to make decisions on paroles and policy free from political influence
  3. Board Member: Only Woman
    Gale Buckner
  4. Board Member: R. Kelly
    Robert Keller
  5. Board Member: J. Donald Duck
    James Donald
  6. Board Member: A. Maury
    Albert Murray
  7. Board Member: T. Barnard
    Terry Barnard
  8. What is PROBATION?
    an alternative to serving time in jail or prison
  9. What is PAROLE?
    the supervision of inmates released prior to the end date of their sentence from prison
  10. Duties of Parole Officer
    Interviewing prison inmates, their family members, former employers, and other community references to prepare background investigations which will be used by the Board when making release decisions;
  11. Duties of Parole Officer
    *Synthesizing current and past criminal information on inmates from police and judicial sources into comprehensive legal reports which assist Board Members with parole decisions;

    *Guiding parolee's adherence to parole conditions;
  12. Duties of Parole Officer
    *Working effectively with other state agencies and community resources to build intervention programs which facilitate the parolee's success in society;

    *Arresting parole violators and transporting them to and from parole hearings.
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