Disk and Partitioning

  1. Fdisk
    Disk Patitioning utility
  2. Parted
    Another Disk partitioning utility
  3. Cat
    is used to check the output of variouse commands
  4. IDE Disks
    cat /proc/partition | grep hd
  5. SCSI Disks
    cat /proc/partitions | grep SD
  6. Fdisk -l
    to list the current partitions on all disks
  7. parted -l
    View all partitions using parted
  8. fdisk /dev/hdb
    create partitions
  9. LVM
    Logical Volume MNGT
  10. Commands and MNGT utilities
    • pvs- Display Physical Volumes
    • vgs - Display Volume groups
    • lvs - Displays logical Volumes
    • pvdisplay - Diplays detailes information on physical volumes.
    • vgdisplay - Displays detailed information on Volume groups
    • lvdisplay - Displays detailed infromation logical volumes
    • pvcreate - creates a new physical volume
    • vgcreate - creates new volume groups
    • lvcreate - creates new logical volume
    • vgextend - extends an existing volume groupe
    • lvextend - extends an existing volume group
    • lvresize - Resizes a logical volume
    • lvreduce - Reduces a logical volume
    • lvrename - Rename a logical volume
    • pvmove - Moves / Migrates Data from one physical volume to another
  11. mearsure layers
    two units
  12. Physical Extents
    Physical Extents are used dealing with volume groups and logical groups
  13. logical extents
    deal with logical extents
  14. Raid
    Striping disks together to form one large disk
  15. Raid 1
    Mirroring disks are copied from one another allowing for redundancy, should one disk fail the other one take sover.
  16. Raid 5
    Striping with Parity disks are similar to Raid 0 and are join together to form one large drive, the difference here is that 25% of the disk is used for parity bit.
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Disk and Partitioning
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