1. Colonoscopy
    Examination of the rectum and sigmoid colon
  2. Proctosigmoidoscopy
    Examination of the rectum and sigmoid colon
  3. Sigmoidscopy
    Examination of the sigmoid colon
  4. Peritoneoscopy
    diagnostic laparoscopy
  5. Transplantation
    Grafting tissue from one source to another
  6. Mediastinotomy
    Cutting into the mediastinum
  7. Lymphadenitis
    imflammation of the lymph nodes
  8. Imbrication
  9. Prostatectomy
    remobal of the prostate
  10. Retroperitoneal
    are located behind the abdomial cavity
  11. Nephrectomy
    removal of kidney
  12. Manometric study
    Test to measure kidney and urter flow and pressure
  13. bladder aspiration
    removal of urine from the bladder
  14. Calculus
    kindney stone
  15. Craniectomy
    removal of a portion of the skull
  16. Craniotomy
    an incision of the skull
  17. Burr Hole
    a small opening in the skull
  18. Steretaxis
    method of identifying a specific area or point in the brain
  19. Hysterosonography
    Introduction of saline into the tubes/ovaries to determine patency
  20. LEEP
    loop electrode excision procedure
  21. Prostaglandin
    cervical dilator
  22. VBAC
    Vaginal birth after cesarean
  23. Cerclage
    Suturing of uterine cervix
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