1. temporal
    • temporal related to or limited by time:
    • *the temporal character of human existence
  2. conversely
    • conversely used when one situation is the opposite of another:
    • *American consumers prefer white eggs; conversely, British buyers like brown eggs.
  3. Interpretation
    • Interpretation: the way in which someone explains or understands an event, information, someone's actions etc:
    • *One possible interpretation is that they want you to resignWhat exactly the author meant by that statement is open to interpretation (=able to be understood or explained in different ways).
  4. Spike train
    Spike train: A spike train is a series of discrete action potentials from a neuron taken as a time series, sometimes referred to as temporal coding. This string of neuronal firing may be generated spontaneously or as a response to some external stimulus.
  5. Diverse
    • Diverse: very different from each other:
    • *subjects as diverse as pop music and archaeology
  6. reside
    reside: to live in a particular place:
  7. deviation
    • deviation: a noticeable difference from what is expected or acceptable.
    • *deviation from the normal procedure
  8. a priori
    • a priori: using previous experiences or facts to decide what the likely result or effect of something will be
    • *a ruling made on a priori grounds
  9. intrinsic
    intrinsic: being part of the nature or character of someone or something
  10. presume
    presume: to think that something is true, although you are not certain [=assume]
  11. variation
    • variation :a difference between similar things, or a change from the usual amount or form of something
    • *White bread is really just a variation of French bread.
    • *variation in the quality of the rugs
    • *There is a great deal of variation among the responses.
    • *The study concluded that the variation between the CD players was very small.
  12. Obscure
    • 1)not well known and usually not very important:
    • *an obscure poet
    • 2) difficult to understand: *obscure legal phrases
  13. skewed
    • An opinion, piece of information, result etc that is skewed is incorrect, especially because it has been affected by a particular thing or because you do not know all the facts
    • *The media's coverage of the election has been skewed from the very beginning.
  14. preponderance
    • [formal]:if there is a preponderance of people or things of a particular type in a group, there are more of that type than of any other:
    • *There is a preponderance of female students in the music department.
  15. Consecutive
    • Consecutive: consecutive numbers or periods of time follow one after the other without any interruptions
    • *It had rained for four consecutive days.
  16. transient
    • transient[formal] continuing only for a short time:
    • *transient fashions
    • working or staying somewhere for only a short time:
    • *a transient population
  17. exert
    • [transitive]: to use your power, influence etc in order to make something happen:
    • *They exerted considerable influence within the school.
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