Georgia Regions

  1. Which region has the highest mountains in the Appalachians?
    blue ridge
  2. What is the highest peak in GA?
    Brasstown Bald
  3. What region is Brasstown Bald located in?
    blue ridge
  4. Does blue ridge have lots of rain?
  5. What are the main crops grown in blue ridge?
    apples, corn, and other vegetables
  6. Oak and hickory trees grow well in what region?
    blue ridge
  7. Sandstone and limestone are abundant in which region?
    ridge and valley
  8. which region is covered in trees?
  9. Which region has pastures and farms?
  10. What are the main resources of the region ridge and valley?
    corn, soybeans, wheat and cotton
  11. What percent of Georgia's farmland is grown in the region ridge and valley?
  12. What is the smallest region?
    appalachian plateau
  13. Which region includes sand and lookout mountain?
    appalachian plateau
  14. Which region of GA is our only source of coal?
    appalachian plateau
  15. Which region is the largest region in GA?
    coastal plain
  16. What percent of GA is covered by the coastal plains?
  17. Which region used to be covered by ocean?
    coastal plain
  18. What created limestone beds in the coastal plains?
  19. In which region do pine trees grow well?
    Coastal plain
  20. Which regions soil consists of soil and clay?
    Coastal plains
  21. What crops are the coastal plains famous for?
    peaches, peacans, and peanuts
  22. What does the fall line mark?
    the boundary between coastal plains and piedmont
  23. Which region is called the foot of the mountains?
  24. What percent of the state does piedmont cover?
  25. Which region has many valleys and rolling hills?
  26. What lies just below the surface of piedmont?
  27. What is in the soil of Piedmont?
    bedrock, gneiss, granite, and marble
  28. Why are the streams in piedmont not appropriate for boats?
    they are rocky and shallow
  29. Why is the clay red in piedmont?
  30. Is the soil fertile in Piedmont?
  31. What crops are grown in piedmont?
    cotton, soybeans, and wheat
  32. What kind of farms are in Piedmont?
    dairy, beef, and chicken
  33. What are the five regions of GA?
    Coastal plains, piedmont, blue ridge, ridge and valley, appalachian plateau
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