P.E Chapter 6- Fitness Training Principles

  1. What are the main principles of fitness training?
    • Specificity of training
    • Duration
    • Frequency
    • Intensity
    • Progressive overload
  2. What are the aspects of activit the specificity addresses
    • The predominent energy system
    • Fitness components used
    • Muscle groups used
    • Skills performed
  3. What is the intensity for the three energy systems?
    • ATP-PC 95-100% of maximum heart rate
    • Lactic acid 85-89% of maximum heart rate
    • Aerobic 70-85% of maximum heart rate
  4. What is the duration and frequency for aerobic and anaerobic training programs?
    • Aerobic- 6 weeks minimum though ideal program is 12-16 weeks
    • 3-7 sessions a week
    • Anaerobic- 6 weeks minimum though ideal program is 8 weeks
    • 3-5 session a week
  5. What is progressive overload?
    • The act of progressively increasing the training load so that continual developments are made
    • Human body responds to stress caused by physical work
  6. What are the four factors of progressive overload?
    • The existing workload is appropriate to the level of the individual's fitness
    • The amount of overload is sufficient to cause adaption and improvement without causing the individual to feel unable to complete the session
    • The overload maintains the original aims of the training program
    • One one training variable is changed at a time
  7. What are the training variables?
    • Distance of work
    • Duration of work
    • Duration of recovery
    • Number of reps.
    • Number of sets
    • Number of sessions
    • Amount of resistance
    • Range of motion
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P.E Chapter 6- Fitness Training Principles
P.E Chapter 6- Fitness Training Principles