1. who wrote marxism and retribution in punishment

     jeffrie murphy
  2. who wrote the normal and the pathological
    emile durkheim
  3. who wrote deadly symbiosis: when ghetto and prison meet and mesh
    loic wacquant
  4. who wrote the culture of control: crime and social order in contemporary society

    david garland

  5. who wrote the prison and the gallows: the politics of mass incarceration in america
    marie gottschalk
  6. who wrote the perils of federalism
    lisa miller
  7. who wrote worse than slavery: parchman farm and the ordeal of jim crow justice
    david oshinsky
  8. which two authors wrote the politics of injustice: crime and punishment in america
    katherine beckett and theodore sasson
  9. who wrote unequal under the law: race in the war on drugs

    doris marie provine

  10. who wrote racially based jury nullification: black power in the criminal justice system
    paul butler
  11. which two authors wrote punishment and democracy: disenfranchisement of nonincarcerated felons in the united states
    jeff manza and christopher uggen
  12. who wrote the peculiar forms  of american capital punishment
    david garland
  13. who wrote criminalizing the undocumented: ironic boundaries of the post september 11th "pale of law"
     daniel kanstroom
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