1. What is the largest country in the world
  2. Russia is how much bigger in land mass than the U.S.
    twice as big
  3. Where is russia located
    In both Europe and Asia
  4. How many time zones does Russia cover?
    11 (US covers 3)
  5. What is the population of Russia
    150 million people (us has 250 million)
  6. What is the language
  7. What is the religion in Russia
    Most belong to the Russian Orthodox Church (The russian were not able to follow their relgions during Communist Rule
  8. What is the capital city of Russia
    Moscow (located in the European section of Russia
  9. What is Appleton's sister city in Russia
    Kurgan located in the Eurpoean section of Russia
  10. Who built the City of St. Petersburg?
    Peter the Great
  11. What was St. Petersburg known as during communist rule
  12. What color is the russian flag
    • White
    • Blue
    • Red
  13. What currency is similiar to the american dollar?
    The Ruble
  14. What currency is similiar to the American Penny
    the Kopek
  15. What are onions Domes
    very popular form of Architecture St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow is noted for them
  16. How do people travel in Russia
    Subway, trains, or walk only 10% own a car
  17. What is borshcht
    red soup made out of beets
  18. What is blini
    A think russian pancake that is filled, rolled and served as a dessert
  19. Name some common foods
    soup, cabbage, bread , fish, beets, cheese, potatoes, beef , chicken
  20. What do the russians do for recreation
    soccer, hockey, skiing, ice skating, gymnasitcs, basketball, ballet, and folk dancing
  21. What products come from Russia
    natural gas, oil, coal, and steel
  22. Name 3 holidays
    New year's day, Women's day, Easter
  23. Name 3 symobols
    sunflowers, matroshka dolls, rooster
  24. Problems of government
    government, (poor) pollution, health care, natural resourses are difficult to mine
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