1. What does the title Everyday Use refer to?
    the everyday use of the quilts
  2. Who is the author of Everyday Use?
    Alice Walker
  3. Who would you describe Alice Walker?
    • shot in the eye with a BB gun
    • wrote the Color Purple
    • civil rights activist
  4. Describe the mother from Everyday Use.
    favored Maggie over Dee
  5. Describe Maggie.
    • burned in a fire
    • self-conscious
  6. Describe Dee.
    • prettier
    • ashamed of her background
  7. What did the quilts represent?
    her background, heritage
  8. What is an example of irony in Everyday Use?
    Dee, who was ashamed of her background, comes back for the quilts.
  9. What is the theme for Everyday Use?
    Some things have sentimental value.
  10. Who wrote Lamb to the Slaughter?
    Roald Dahl
  11. What else did Roahl Dahl write?
    • the BFG
    • James and the Giant Peach
    • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  12. Describe Mary Maloney.
    • crazy, sweet, deceiving, six-months pregnant
    • kills husband with a leg of lamb
    • tricks detectives into eating evidence
  13. Describe Patrick Maloney.
    detective that plans to leave wife but is killed.
  14. Describe Jack Noonan.
    sargeant that eats evidence
  15. What is the external conflict in Lamb to the Slaughter?
    • individual vs. individual - Mary kills Patrick
    • internal conflict - Mary kills husband
  16. What is the theme of Lamb of the Slaughter?
    Looks can be deceiving.
  17. Who wrote By Any Other Name?
    Santha Rama Rau
  18. Who is Pamela from By Any Other Name?
    older, stubborn sister
  19. Who is Santha from By Any Other Name?
    naive, younger sister
  20. Who is the teacher from By Any Other Name?
    the prejudice teacher who judged the Indians
  21. What is the conflict in By Any Other Name?
    individual vs. individual - teacher vs. Pamela
  22. Who is the author of the Leap?
    Louise Edrich
  23. Describe Louise Edrich.
    came from storytelling family
  24. Describe Anna of the Flying Avalons.
    the blind mother who used to be a great acrobat
  25. What happened to Harold Avalon, Anna's first husband, and her first daughter?
    killed in a trapeze act; struck by lightning, causing Anna to have a miscarriage.
  26. Who was Anna's second husband?
    the doctor who taught her to read and write
  27. What is the theme of the Leap?
    a mother's love is very powerful
  28. Who is the author of And of Clay we are Created?
    Isabelle Allende
  29. Describe Isabel Allende
    born in Peru, fled to Venezuela, lives in CA
  30. Who was Rolf Carle?
    reporter who tried to save Azucena
  31. Describe Azucena.
    13-year-old Columbian girl who was stuck in mud until she gave up and died.
  32. What is the conflict in And of Clay we are Created?
    • individual v. individual - Rolf's memories
    • individual v. nature - mudslide
  33. What is the theme of And of Clay we are Created?
    somethings we can't help
  34. Who was the author of Two Kinds?
    Amy Tan
  35. Describe Amy Tan.
    can speak American Chinese and English Chinese
  36. Describe the mother from Two Kinds.
    pushed her child to be the best
  37. Describe Jingmei.
    wanted autonomy
  38. What is the confict from Two Kinds?
    individual vs. individual - mother vs. daughter
  39. Who was the author of the Masque of Red Death?
    Edgar Allan Poe
  40. Describe Egdar Allan Poe.
    • bad life
    • father of mystery-detecive story
  41. Describe Prince Prospero.
    prince that takes a thousand of his favorite people to try to hide from Red Death
  42. What is the conflict of the Masque of Red Death?
    individual vs. society - Prospero tries to hide from Red Death
  43. What is the theme of the Masque of Red Death?
    you can't hide from fate/death.
  44. Who is the author of the Cold Equations?
    Tom Godwin
  45. Describe Captain Barton.
    must go to Woden to save the people from disease
  46. Describe Marilyn.
    stowaway to see brother but must die
  47. What is the conflict in the Cold Equations?
    individual vs. self - should Captain Barton kill Marilyn?
  48. What is the theme of the Cold Equations?
    all actions have consequences
  49. Who is the author of the Pedestrian?
    Ray Bradbury
  50. Describe Leonard Meade.
    lonely, walks, against technology, arrested for being different
  51. Describe the car.
    • futuristic
    • demanding
  52. Describe the conflict in the Pedestrian.
    individual vs. technology
  53. What is an example of irony in the Pedestrian?
    man created technology but technoolgy takes over man
  54. What is a symbol in the Pedestrian?
    car = government control
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