chapter 8 (1-28)

  1. Bacteriocin
    A protein released by some bacteria that inhibits the growth of other strains of the same or closely related species.
  2. Bacteriocinogen
    A plasmid that directs production of a bacteriocin
  3. bacteriophage
    • (phage)
    • A virus that infects bacteria
  4. Chromosome Mapping
    The identification of the sequence of genes in a chromosome.
  5. clone
    A group of genetically identical cells descending froma single parent cell.
  6. Colicin
    A protein released by some strains or E coli that inhibits growth of other strains of the same organism.
  7. Competence factor
    A protein released into the medium that facilitates the uptake of DNA into a bacterial cell.
  8. Conjugation
    The transfer of genetic information from one bacterial cell to another by means of conjugation pili.

    The exchange of information between two ciliates.
  9. Dispacin
    A molecule that displaces (removes) gene(s) from a chromosome
  10. Electroporation
    A breif electric pulse produces temporary pores in the cell membrane, allowing entrance of vectors carrying forgein DNA
  11. F+ cell
    Cell having an F plamid

    called donor or male cell
  12. F- Cell
    Cells lacking the F plasmid

    called recipient or female cell
  13. F pilus
    A bridge formed from an F1 cell to an F2 cell for conjugation
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