1. 1 gram rad = ??? ergs
    100 ergs
  2. 1 gray = ??? rad
    100 rad
  3. 1 rad = ??? erg/gram
    100 erg/gram
  4. 1 sievert = ??? rem
    100 rem
  5. A television image typically consists of ??????????????? lines of dots
    525 horizontal
  6. Advanced output window designs minimizes the consequences of light scatter, which is reffered to as:
    veiling glare
  7. An AP abdominal film could deliver a skin entrance exposure ranging from:
    a. 100-500 mradsb. 1-2 radsc. 5-10 radsd. 5-15 rads
    a. 100-500 mrads
  8. An undesirable characteristic of most vidicon tubes is:
    image lag
  9. Approximately what pecent of the population are fluoroscoped each year?
  10. Arrange the following image intensification viewing systems in terms of resolution. highest to lowest
    optical mirrorreal-time videovideo tape16 mm cine film35 mm cine filmcassette spot film105 mm roll spot film70 mm roll spot filmdigital
    1. optical mirror2. cassette spot film 3. 105 mm roll spot film4. 70 mm roll spot film5. 35 mm cine film 6. 16 mm cine film7. digital8. real-time video9. videotape
  11. Arrange the following recording systems in terms of quality:
    spot filmphotospot/digitalcinevideotape/disc
    1. spot film2. photospot/digital3. cine4. videotape/disc
  12. Brightness gain degradation can be measured by a periodic check of an image intensifier's:
    conversion factor
  13. Cine film is available in what 2 sizes?
    16mm, 35 mm
  14. During fluoro, tube current can range between:
    a. 0.5 mA - 5 mAb. 1 mA - 2 mAc. 1 mA - 3 mAd. over 100 mA
    d. over 100 mA
  15. Each scan of the entire target of the vidicon tube is called a:
  16. Electrons inside the II are speeded up by the:
    accelerating anode
  17. Fluoroscopic magnification is made possible by varying the voltage to the:
    electrostatic lens
  18. For fluoroscopic examinations, the primary protective barrier is considered to be the:
    image intensifier assembly
  19. How does the focal spot size of fluoroscopic X-ray tubes differ from the focal spot size of radiographic X-ray tubes?
    often designed with a smaller focal spot
  20. How will increasing the brightness level of the TV monitor effect image quality?
    no improvement
  21. If the increase in intensity achieved by most modern image intensifiers is approximately 169, the size of the output phosphor is most likely:
    1 inch
  22. In magnification mode, FOV is:
    increased or decreased?
  23. Kell factor refers to:
    a. II systemb. CCU systemc. AEC/ABS systemd. TV system
    TV system
  24. Manufacturers report up to a ???????? percent dose reduction when utilizing video disc recording during fluoro.
  25. Maximum differential absorption of the tissues must occur, in order to produce a high-quality fluoroscopy by selecting proper:
    a. mAb. timec. distanced. kVp
  26. Newer TV systems utilize ???????????? scan lines for the TV camera and TV monitor
    1,000+ lines
  27. Protective curtains must be at least ??????? equivalent.
    0.25 mm lead
  28. Resolution is measured in:
  29. retrograde light flow in the II activates the:
  30. Scatter radiation at ????????? from the patient could be as high as 500 mrads per hour.
    a. 1 footb. 2 feetc. 3 feetd. 6 feet
    a. 1 foot
  31. scattered radiation is produced primarily by what x-ray interaction?
  32. Shape distortion is caused primarily by:
    geometric factors in the shape of the image intensification tube
  33. The ability of the II tube to increase illumination level of the image is called its:
    brightness gain
  34. The ability to resolve the image dots on each scan line defines:
    horizontal resolution
  35. The brightness gain due to the increase in light photons due to the efficiency of the output screen to convert electrons to light photons is referred to as:
    flux gain
  36. The bucky slot cover must be covered with at least ?????????? lead equivalent.
    0.25 mm
  37. The component in the II that chnages the magnificaiton mode by changing the FOV is the:
    electrostatic lenses
  38. The component of contrast which is chiefly deteremined by the energy of the x-ray beam is referred to as:
    subject contrast
  39. The component of contrast which is determined by the characteristics of equipment, such as the image intensifier and the effects of different equipment settings is referred to as:
    detector contrast
  40. The component that speeds up the electrons, maintains a very high potential difference of about:
    25 kilovolts
  41. The diameter of the circular image from the optical system is larger than the shortest dimension of the film in this type of framing.
    a. overframingb. total overframingc. underframingd. exact framing
  42. The effect of edge distortion seen primarily around the periphery of the image due to geometric problems in the shape of the image intensificaiton tube is referred to as:
    pincushion distortion
  43. The effective ripple for a three-phase, 12-pulse machine is:
  44. The electrical image on the target of the vidicon tube is scanned ?????????? times per second.
  45. The greatest limiting factor concerning resolution of fluoroscopic systems it the:
    video monitor
  46. The increase in image brightness due to the acceleration of the electrons that will eventually strike the output phosphor is referred to as:
    electronic (flux) gain
  47. The increase in the effective brightness due to the size reduction of the output image size is referred to as:
    minification gain
  48. The intensity of the output phosphor is measured in:
    candelas or cd
  49. The Kell factor is a component of ????????? resolution.
  50. The mA range utilized during fluoro is usually between:
    a. 0.5 mA - 5 mAb. 1 mA - 2 mAc. 1 mA - 3 mAd. 50 mA - 100 mA
    c. 1 mA - 3 mA
  51. The maximum kVp that is utilized during fluoroscopy is approximately:
    a. 100 kVpb. 110 kVpc. 125 kVpd. 150 kVp
    150 kVp
  52. The MTF of a system is:
    always less than 1
  53. The output phosphor is ????????????? times brighter that the input phosphor.
  54. The output phosphor of the II optically interfaces with the:
    TV camera
  55. The output screen is brighter at its ???????????, and its resolution is better at its ????????????
    center, center
  56. The overall resolution of the imaging system is expressed in terms of its:
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