Lesson Four Vocab

  1. efficacious
    def: effective; producing the desired outcome

    syn: productive; useful
  2. catharsis
    def: a release of emotional tension

    syn: atonement
  3. inundate
    def: to overwhelm; to fill beyond capacity

    syn: flood; overwhelm
  4. revere
    def: to regard with respect, awe, or adoration

    syn: venerate; respect; honor
  5. internecine
    def: mutually destructive
  6. risible
    def: relating to laughter; laughable

    syn: comical; jocular
  7. sybaritic
    def: marked by luxury or pleasure

    syn: luxurious; ostentatious; grandiose
  8. crepuscular
    def: pertaining to twilight
  9. kudos
    def: acclaim or praise

    syn: honor; distinction
  10. estrange
    def: to alienate

    syn: disaffect; antagonize
  11. intrinsic
    def: of or relating to a thing's basic nature; inherent

    syn: basic; elemental; inborn
  12. maxim
    def: an established principle; a truth or rule of conduct

    syn: axiom; fundamental; proverb
  13. putrid
    def: rotten and foul smelling

    syn: fetid; rancid; malodorous
  14. servile
    def: submissive, slavish

    syn: subservient; ignoble
  15. apocryphal
    def: of questionable authenticity

    syn: dubious; equivocal; spurious
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