UIL Professors and Research

  1. Nucleation Theory, Density Function Theory
    Tikhon Bykov
  2. Theoretical biological physics, cells
    Margaret Cheung
  3. Experimental Particle physics, dark matter
    Jodi Cooley
  4. Cities and urban development
    Jose Luis M. Cortez
  5. Aqueous solutions, gaseous CO2
    Harry D. Downing
  6. Quasars, black holes
    David Hough
  7. Superconductors, rare-earth compounds, Magnets and lasers
    Gan Liang
  8. Nuclear physics, material characterization, astronomy
    Jorge A. Lopez
  9. Cataclysmic variables, non-linear phenomena
    Richard P. Olenick
  10. Tunneling Microscopy, Nanostructures, Raman spectroscopy, Diamond films
    Jose M. Perez
  11. Theoretical particle physics, fundamental interactions, gravity and relativity, field and spin theories, differential geometry
    Christopher Pope
  12. Radio sounding of magnetosphere, aurora borealis
    Patricia H. Reiff
  13. Semiconductor Physics
    Mahdi Sanati
  14. Theoretical particle physics
    B. F. L. Ward
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UIL Professors and Research
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