1. what are the common or concerning symptoms of PV
    • pain in arms,legs
    • intermittent claudication
    • cold
    • numbness
    • pallor in legs
    • hair loss
    • swelling in calves,legs,feet
    • color changes in fingertips or toes cold weather
    • swelling w/redness or tenderness
  2. this refers to stenotic, occlusive & aneurysmal disease of aorta, its visceral arterial branches & the arteries of the lower extremeties=coronray art
  3. pain or cramping in the legs during exertion that is relieved by rest w/in 10 min
    intermittment claudication
  4. what are some important health promotion & counseling topics
    • sreen for:PAD using ABI
    • screen for renal artery disease
    • screen for AAA
  5. recommended grading of pulses
    • 3=bound
    • 2=brisk or normal
    • 1=diminished
    • 0=absent
  6. an exaggerated widened femoral pulse suggests
    femoral aneurysm
  7. an exaggerated widened popliteal pulse suggests
    aneurysm of popliteal artery
  8. which pulse may be congenitally absent or may branch higher in the ankle
    dorsalis pedis
  9. In DVT the extent of edema suggests the location of the occlusion:popliteal vein when what is swollen & iliofemoral veins when what is swollen
    • pop=lower leg/ankle
    • ilio=entire
  10. what suggests a venous cause of edema
    venous distention
  11. what test can you use to access for varicose veins
    trendelenburg test=assess valve competency
  12. which insufficiency is represented when the pain is intermittent claudication, progressing to pain at rest
    chr art ins
  13. chronic venous insufficiency pain
    often painful
  14. chr art insuff mechanism
    tissue ishchemia
  15. chr ven insuff mechanism
    venous hypertension
  16. chr art insuff pulses
    decreased to absent
  17. chr ven insuff pulses
    normal, though may be difficult to feel through edema
  18. gangrene may develop in chr art or ven insuffiency
    chr art
  19. the skin changes that occur with what produce an often brown pigmentation around ankle & the skins tends to thicken
    chr ven insuff
  20. the skin tends to thin with shiny atrophic skin,loss of hair over foot & toes
    chr art insuff
  21. edema is typically present or often marked in chr art or ven insuff
    chr ven insuff
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