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  1. what are some common or concerning symptoms of GI/abdomen
    • Adb pain=acute or chronic
    • indigestion
    • nausea
    • vomiting
    • loss of appetite
    • dysphagia
    • odynophagia
    • change in bowel fx
    • diarrhea
    • constipatoin
  2. What are some common or concerning symptoms of urinary
    • suprapubic pain
    • dysuria
  3. visceral pain in RUQ may result from liver distention against its capsule in
    alcoholic hepatitis
  4. pain in RUQ or epigastric
    • billary tree
    • liver
  5. epigastric pain
    • stomach
    • duodenum
    • pancreas
  6. periumbilical pain
    • SI
    • appendix
    • prox colon
  7. hypogastric pain
    • colon
    • bladder
    • uterus
  8. suprapubic or sacral pain
  9. pain from pleurisy or acute MI may be referred to what area
    epigastric area
  10. Epigastric pain occurs with what
  11. RUQ pain & upper abd pain may signify
  12. chronic or recurrent discomfort or pain centered in the upper abdomen
  13. retrosternal burning pain or discomfort occurring wkly or more often
  14. what are some foods that aggravates heartburn
    • alcohol
    • coffee
    • citrus fruits
    • onions
  15. what are some positoins that aggravate heartburn
    • bending over
    • exs
    • lifting
    • supine
  16. Gerd may be associated with atypical resp symptoms
    • cough
    • wheezing
    • aspiration pneumonia
  17. difficulty swallowing
  18. pain with swallowing
  19. left lower quad pain may represent
  20. change in bowel habits with mass lesion indicates
    colon cancer
  21. distress associated with eating
  22. feeling sick to my stomach
  23. involuntary spasm of stomach, diaphragm
  24. what may accompany esophageal or gastric varices, gastritis or peptic ulcer disease
  25. chronic diarrhea is typically non-infectious in origin which may represent
    • croh's disease
    • ulcerative colitis
  26. thin pencil like stool occurs in an obstructing apple core lesion of what part of the colon
  27. no passage of either gas or feces is termed what & what does it represent
    obstipation=signifying intestinal obstruction
  28. black tarry stools
  29. stools that are red or maroon colored
  30. melena may appear with what type of bleeding
    upper gi
  31. hematochezia may appear with what type of bleeding
    lower gi
  32. pain on urination
  33. significant increase in 24hr urine vol
  34. urinary frequency at night sometimes defined as awakening the patient more than once; urine vol may be lrg/small
  35. involuntary loss of urine that may become socially embarrassing or cause problems w/hygiene
    urinary incontinence
  36. blood in urine
  37. flank pain at or below the post costal margin near the costovertebral angle is also referred to as
    kidney pain
  38. pain that is severe & colicky that originates at the CVA & radiates around the trunk into the lower quadrant of the abd or possibly into the upper thigh & testicle or labium
    ureteral pain
  39. what are some important topics for health promotion & counseling
    • alcohol use screen
    • RF's for Hep A,B,C
    • colon cancer screen
  40. when accessing alcohol use what should you use
    • C=cut down
    • A=annoyed by critism
    • G=guilty about drink
    • E=eye opener
  41. pink purple stria may result from
    cushing's syndrome
  42. bulging flanks from what
  43. suprapubic bulge of a distended what
    bladder or pregnant uterus;hernias
  44. A lower abd mass may result from a
    ovarian or a uterine tumor
  45. increased peristaltic waves from what
    intestinal obstruction
  46. increased pulsation from what
    • aortic aneurysms
    • increased pulse pr
  47. a protuberant abdomen that is tympanitic throughout suggests
    intestinal obstruction
  48. dullness in both flanks of the abdomen prompts what
  49. what is it when the organs are reversed: air bubble on right & liver dullness on left
    situs inversus
  50. rebound tenderness may suggest what
    peritoneal inflammation
  51. the span of liver dullness is increased when the liver is what
  52. an enlarged spleen is palpable about 2 cm below the left costal margin when
    deep inspiration
  53. what are the RF's for a AAA
    • 65 & older
    • hx smoking
    • male
    • 1st degree relative=hx AAA repair
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