Pharm Test 2

  1. atorvastatin- Lipitor
    (MOA, Admin alert, Preg, SE, Inter.)
    • MOA: HMG-CoA reductast inhibitor: blocks production of cholesterol
    • Admin: taken w/ food, may be taken anytime of day
    • Pregnancy X
    • SE: Muscle breakdown, GI upset, myopathies, liver damage
    • Interactions: Grapefruit juice
  2. choestyramine- Questran
    (MOA, Admin, SE)
    • MOA: binds bile acids decreasing chlesterol levels by 20%
    • Admin: take before meals, other meds 1 hr befor or 4 hrs after
    • SE: Severe GI upset, Vit. depletion, decrease absorb. of other meds
  3. gemfibrozil- Lobid
    (MOA, Admin, SE, Inter.)
    • MOA: Decrease VLDL by 50%/ increase HLDs
    • Admin: take w/food to decrease GI upset
    • SE: Cramping,diarrhea, gallstones or liver dysfunction
    • Inter: increase levels of coumadin, use w/ statins may potentiate myopathies
  4. hydrochlorothiazide- HydroDiuril
    (Use, MOA, SE, Inter.)
    • Use: Hypertension-Diuretic
    • MOA: act on renal tubules to decrease absorption of Na
    • SE: K, Na depletion, Hyperglcemia
    • Interaction: NSAID decrease action
  5. Calcium Channel Blockers- Nifedipine
    (MOA, SE, Inter.)
    • MOA: selectively blocks calcium channels in myocardium and vasculature
    • SE: headaches, dizziness, flushing, reflex tachycardia
    • Inter: Grapefruit juice increase absorb, alcohol potentiates vasodilation effects
  6. lisinopril-Prinivil
    • MOA: RAS
    • SE:
  7. doxazosin-Cardura
    (Use, MOA, SE)
    • Use: Alpha I adrenergic blocker for hypertentsion
    • MOA: dilates arteries and veins causing a decrease in BP
    • SE: first doese phenomenon, orthostatic hypotension, shrinks prostate
  8. hydralazine- Apresoline
    (Use, MOA, SE)
    • Use: direct vasodilator
    • MOA: relaxation of smooth arteriolar smooth muscles
    • SE: severe reflext tachycardia, fluid retention
  9. Inotrope
    the squeeze
  10. chronotrope
    the heart rate
  11. furosemide-Lasix
    (Use, MOA, SE, NC)
    • Use: Loop Diuretics
    • MOA:
    • SE:
    • NC:
  12. metoprolol-Lopressor
    (Use, MOA, SE, NC)
    • Use: Beta-adrenergic Blockers
    • MOA:
    • SE:
    • NC: Low BP, HR, mood, impotence
  13. digoxin-Lanoxin
    (Use, MOA, SE, NC)
    • Use: Cardiac Glycoside
    • MOA: positive isotrope, negative chronotrope
    • SE:
    • NC: narrow therapeutic window: hold if HR <60
  14. milrinone-Primacor
    (Use, MOA, SE, NC)
    • Use: phosphodiesterase inhibitors
    • MOA: positive inotrope
    • SE: hypertension then hypotension
    • NC: continuous monitoring
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