Family Law Chapter 9

  1. best interests of the child
    a standard of decision based on what would best serve the childs welfare
  2. legal custody
    the right and duty to make decisions about raising a child
  3. split custody
    siblings are in the physical custody of different parents
  4. home state
    state where the child has lived with a parent for atlease 6 months
  5. parental kidnapping prevention act
    a federal statute designed to combat child snatching and forum shopping
  6. personal jurisdiction
    the power of a court to render a decision that binds the individual defendant
  7. child-support guidelines
    state-mandated calculation of child-support payments
  8. contempt
    obstructing or assailing the authority
  9. garnishment
    a proceeding whereby a debtor's money or other property under the control of another
  10. protective order
    a court order directing a person to refrain from harming or harassing another person
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