Special needs

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    • Governs emergency examination and treatment of people with mental health illness
    • Pa CSA 50 chapter 15 aka 302
  1. Title 42 section 44 - three key points
    • 1 Interpreter required upon arrest prior to interrogation.
    • 2 make available interpreter
    • 3 interpreter must be present during entire interrogation.
  2. Which act does not have jurisdiction over actions that are incidents of arrest.
    PA human relations act PHRA
  3. Which act only applied to entities receiving federal funds.
    Rehabilitation act of 1973
  4. Which act dealt with entities regardless of whether receiving federal funds and health with physical access?
    Americans with disabilities act of 1990
  5. 5 key points of title 50 section 4434 aka 302
    • 1 clear and present danger to himself
    • 2 14 yrs old and up can commit themselves
    • 3 under 14 parents / guardian can involuntary commit
    • 4 conduct you observe
    • 5 occur within 30 days
  6. Disjointed or illogical reasoning?
    Mental Retardation
  7. Hypoglycemia?
    Low blood sugar
  8. Reoccuring temporary changes in electrical activity of the brain?
  9. Often mistaken for heart attack or stroke?
    Geleralized tonic-clonic seizures
  10. Blank stares, seeming dazed and unaware of surroundings, not responding to questions or orders
    Complex partial seizure
  11. AKA Grand mal Seizure
    Generalized tonic-clonic seizure
  12. False beliefs that are strngly held despite convincing evidence?
  13. Seeing and hearing things no one else sees?
  14. Most likely mood disorder encountered by LE?
    Anti Social personality disorder
  15. Mood disorder - Extremely irritable
    Anti social personality disorder
  16. Unstable/Intense relationships,
    Borderline personality disorder
  17. Kleptomania
    Pathological Gambling
    Impulse Control Disorder
  18. No real physical symptoms
    All mental
    Not considered developmental
  19. 4 developmental disorders
    • Torrettes
    • Down syndrome
    • MR
    • Autism
  20. Halucinations, false sensory experiences that occur in the absence of any environmental stimulus?
    Mental Illness
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