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  1. The second leading cause of all physician visits in the United States is?
    Lumbar spine injuries
  2. In the treatment of patients with HNP, the purpose of lumbar extension is to?
    Mechanically reduce the disk protrusion
  3. William's flexion exercises are based on maintaining a _____ pelvic tilt.
  4. In what position allows the intervertebral disk to decompress and rehydrate?
  5. After a laminectomy, a patient is not allowed to _____ for prolonged periods of time.
  6. A protrusion of the nucleus still contained by the outer layers of the annulus is called?
    Prolapsed disk
  7. The structure which limits forward bending in the lumbar region is?
    Posterior longitudinal ligament
  8. What muscles are contracting during abdominal bracing?
    Multifidus, internal oblique, transverse abdominis
  9. Extension along the longitudinal axis of the body is called?
    Axial extension
  10. Degeneration of the intervertebral disk, osteophyte formation, and inflammation around the vertebra would most likely result in?
    Nerve root impingement
  11. Cervical traction would be contraindicated for treatment of neck pain in someone with?
  12. What are the dynamic stabilization muscles for anterior and posterior translation of the cervical spine?
    Scalenes and levator scapulae
  13. Degeneration of the intervertebral disk, osteophyte formation, and inflammation around the vertebra describes?
  14. Which muscles are most important to strengthen during the moderate protection phase for a rotator cuff repair?
    External rotators
  15. The shoulder is immobilized in what position to protect repaired tendons and maximize blood supply to the rotator cuff muscles?
  16. There is less tension on the shoulder joint in this plane?
  17. What is the most common structure involved with shoulder impingement?
    Supraspinatus tendon
  18. Scaption occurs _____ degrees anterior to frontal plane.
  19. A person with a history of anterior shoulder dislocation should avoid what position?
    Horizontal abduction and external rotation
  20. Restricted motion due to a tight inferior fold (axillary) of a joint capsule describes what?
    Adhesive capsulitis
  21. Golfer's elbow is associated with what repetitive motion?
    Wrist flexion
  22. What muscles are needed in order to perform a pinch grip?
    Flexor pollicis longus and opponens pollicis
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