PTCE Chap 1

  1. What does the four middle letters of a NDC number mean?

    D. none of the above
  2. If a pharmacist fails to put a label on a medication container, what law is being broken?

    B. Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906
  3. What law allows an employee to collect damages from the employer?

    D. Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970
  4. Which law allows a pharmacist to dispense a medication in an easy-open container?

    C. PPA
  5. A pharmacist prepares a precripyion with a mortar and pestle that have been contaminated by an antineoplastic agent and dispenses the precription to the patient. what law is being broken?

    A. Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906
  6. Which law allows a pharmacist to accept a precription over the phone from a physicians office?

    D. Durham-Humphrey Act of 1962
  7. Which law allow a pharmacist to dispense nitroglycerin tablets in a non-child-resistant container?

    A. Poison Control Act
  8. Which law resulted in clearly distinguishing an OTC medication from a presription medication?

    B. Kefauver-Harris Act 1962
  9. Which law required tha the federal legend appear on all precriptions?

    D. Kefauver-Harris Act of 1962
  10. Which law requires that a manufacturer provide MSDS's to a pharmacy for products that are combustible, are flammable, or can cause inury to someone if they come in contactwith the substance?

    C. OSHA
  11. How long is a DEA Form 222 valid?

    B. 60 days
  12. A pharmacist recives a prescription for 40 percocet tabs, but the pharmacy has only 15 tabs. How much time does the pharmacist have to provide the remaining 25 tabs?

    D. 72 hrs
  13. If a patient request a partial filling of her Tylenol with codine #3 prescription, what can the pharmacist do for the patient?

    A. The pharmacist may provide the patient with the requested amount and imforms her that she must pick up the remaining quanity within 72 hours.
  14. Which of the following is the correct DEA number for a Dr. Andrea J. Shedlock, who was Dr. Andrea Costello when she requested her DEA number before she was married?

    A. AC1234563
  15. You are working for a chain pharmacy, and another member of the chain has runout of DEA form 222s. They ask to borrow one of your DEA form 222s. What would you do?

    A. DEA Form 222s are for a specific pharmacy and can be used only by the pharmacy twhich they were issued
  16. You receive a request from another pharmacy for 100 Percocet tabs. What do you do?

    D. none of the above can be done
  17. What form is used to report the theft of controlled substance?

    A. DEA Form 41
  18. Which of the following is part of HIPPA?

    B. insurance reform
  19. Which organization oversees Medicare and Medicaid service?

    A. CMS
  20. Who reviews INDs?

    B. FDA
  21. Which law required opium to have a prescription?

    B. Harrison Narcotic Act
  22. Which law requires that all naecrotics be labeled " Warning: May Be Habit Forming"?

    B. Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act
  23. Which law requires drug utilization evaluation to be performed on all prescriptions?

    B. Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1990
  24. Which law allowed pharmacist to take prescriptions over the phone from a physician office?

    D. Durham-Humphrey Act
  25. Which law established tax-free savings accounts?

    A. Medicare Drug Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003
  26. Which law stated that a resident's drug regimen must be free of unnecessary medications?

    D. Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1987
  27. Which law allows nasal inhalers to be dispensed without a child-resistant container?

    C. PPA of 1970
  28. Which law lowers the reimbursement rate for durable medical equipment?

    A. Medicare Drug Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003
  29. Which agency oversees the practice of pharmacy

    D. State BOP
  30. Which law prevents reimportation of medication into the U.S. other than by the manufacturer?

    C. Prescription Drug Marketing Act
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