Flight instruments

  1. according to CAR 605.14 what are the minimum requirements for VFR flight in uncontrolled airspace?
    • Simple altimeter
    • Magnetic compass
    • Airspeed indicator
  2. If flying VFR in controlled airspace , what 2 things are needed that arent required in uncontrolled airspace?
    • 2 way radio
    • Adjustable altimeter
  3. What 3 things must be visible to be flying in VFR?
    • 1000 ft above and below
    • 1 mile in each direction
    • must be able to see ground
  4. What is VFR without sight of ground called?
    VFR over the top
  5. 6 VFR OTT instrument requirements?
    • Adjustable altimeter
    • Airspeed indicator with anti-ice
    • Magnetic compass
    • gyroscopic direction indicator
    • Attitude indicator
    • Turn co-ordinator (turn and slip)
  6. What is needed if flying in North Domestic Airspace?
    A non-magnetic ,non GPS direction indicator
  7. FL180 means what?
    pressure altitude of 18000 ft
  8. What is required above Night VFR for IFR? (3)
    • OAT
    • Power failure warning system
    • Alternate power source
  9. How long must the battery be able to power aircraft systems in a power failure?
    30 minutes
  10. What spare fuses are necessary for Night VFR?
    1 for every size and type
  11. in the standard T configuration for gauges, which gauge is in the center?
    Attitude gauge
  12. What are the 6 Altimeter tests?
    • Scale error
    • Hysterisis
    • After effect
    • Friction
    • case leak
    • Barometeric scale error
  13. Above 18000 ASL , what altitude type is used?
    Pressure altitude
  14. Below 18000ASL what altitude type is used?
    Indicated altitude
  15. "determines altitude by bouncing radio waves off the ground"
    Radio altimeter
  16. what does a white marking meanon an airspeed indicator ?
    Safe flap zone
  17. yellow zone on a airspeed indicator means?
    caution range, safe in smooth airflow
  18. red line on an airspeed indicator show?
    Never exceed speed
  19. what does a manual true airspeed indicator sense to compensate?
    Temperature and Altitude
  20. What are the 3 types of airspeed?
    • Indicated
    • Calibrated
    • True
  21. What 2 pressures are sensed by an airspeed indicator?
    Ambient and Pitot Ram air
  22. What should be done to heated pitot tubes when a/c not in use?
    covered to prevent bugs from blocking tubes
  23. Aside from pitot tubes what other device is used to gather pitot air
  24. A mach meter senses 2 things aside from pitot air?
    • temperature
    • Altitude
  25. a VSI uses a _______ ____ to lag pressure and give and indication of altitude changes
    Calibrated leak
  26. an IVSI uses _____ or ____ to give an instantanious indication?
    Dashpots or accelerometers
  27. When an altimeter is tested it must be stamped with ?
    What altitude it was tested to
  28. When should you never move an aircraft with Gyros?
    when the gyros are spinning down
  29. How do you read pressure altitude in your altimeter?
    Dial 29.92 in/hg into the Barometric scale
  30. How do you read indicated altitude in your aircraft altimeter?
    enter local barometric pressure in barometric scale
  31. If your attitude indicator runs on vacuum, what device levels the gyro?
    Pendulus vanes
  32. How can you tell if vacuum pressure is lost on a modern attitude indicator?
    a red flag will fall into view
  33. What plane does an attitude indicator gyro spin on?
  34. what plane does a turn coordinator spin on?
    45 degree
  35. What is the benefit of a turn coordinator over a turn and slip?
    turn coordinator shows yaw AND roll (slip and skid also)
  36. When making a turn , what does the bal in a turn and slip show?
    the center of centrifugal force
  37. What 2 inputs does an attitude indicator show?
    pitch and roll
  38. Gyros can be spun by _____ or_____?
    Vacuum air , electric motor
  39. What pressure altitude is a case leak test does at?
    18000 ft
  40. What system is sometimes used to give pilots local barometric pressure and conditions at some uncontrolled airports?
    ATIS (automatic Terminal information system)
  41. While flying night VFR with passengers aboard, what lights are mandatory?
    Anti-collision and landing lights
  42. Label the gauges left to right, top row then bottom.Image Upload 1
    Airspeed , attitude, altitude, turn coordinator, heading indicator, VSI
  43. What are 4 requirements of static air system?
    • 1 Must be free of moisture
    • 2 Static port heater operational
    • 3 Leakage rate no more than 100ft/min
    • 4 No skin deformation around static pickup holes
  44. Pressure may be measured in 3 ways:
    • Absolute
    • gauge
    • differential
  45. Under a standard day, atmospheric pressure is ____ in hg and ___ psi
    • 29.92
    • 14.7
  46. An aneriod barometer measures (absolute or gauge) pressure´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐?
  47. The difference between atmospheric pressure and the pressure being measured is called?
  48. What instrument is used to measure high pressures?
    bourdon tube
  49. The 2 pressures sensed by an airspeed indicator are:
    • pitot
    • static
  50. What measures the absolute pressure of the air surrounding the aircraft?
  51. The altitude shown on the altimeter when the local altimeter setting is placed in the barometeric window is called?
  52. All elevations on aeronautical charts are measured from?
    mean sea level
  53. The scale in the barometric window of an altimeter may be calibrated in ?
    inches of mercury or Millibars
  54. The altitude shown on the altimeter shown when STD sea level pressure is put into the barometric window is called?
    Pressure altitude
  55. Flight level 320 is a pressure altitude of?
    32,000 ft
  56. Pressure altitude may be converted into density altitude by correcting the pressure altitude for non-standard ?
  57. When static ports are exposes to disturbed air, the results are altimeter errors known as?
    position error
  58. Density altitude (is , is not) a direct measurement.
    is not
  59. Radio altimeters provide an indication of the aircrafts ______ altitude above _______ level.
    • Absolute
    • ground
  60. Altimeters installed in aircraft that operate under IFR must have their accuracy checked every____ calender months.
  61. The uncorrected reading of an airspeed indicator is called?
  62. For navigation and flight planning a pilot is interested in (indicated or true airspeed)
  63. The instrument that measures aircraft speed in relation to the speed of sound is?
  64. The rate of climb indicator is known as?
  65. A VSI measures the rate of change of?
    Static pressure
  66. What is the instrument that measures the amount of force on the airframe during manouvers?
    Accelerometer or G-meter
  67. The 2 basic characteristics of a gyroscope that make it useful as a flight instrument?
    • Rigidity in space
    • precession
  68. An attitude gyro uses what gyroscopic characteristic?
    Rigidity in space
  69. An artificial horizon indicator senses change around what 2 axis?
    pitch and roll
  70. The turn and slip indicator senses rotation around what axis?
  71. a rate gyro uses what gyro characteristic?
  72. A turn and slip indicator is actually 2 instruments, a non gyro instrument is called?
  73. The difference between magnetic north and geographic north is called?
  74. Lines of equal variation on charts are known as?
    isogonic lines
  75. The line of zero variation is called the ?
    agonic line
  76. When magnetis fields in the aircraft cause interference with the compass it is called?
  77. swinging the compass compensated for deviation or variation?
  78. 2 magnetic compass errors that a pilot must compensate for are?
    turning error , acceleration error
  79. A directional sensing gyro combined with direction sensing instrument is called?
    a slaved gyro
  80. 2 major disadvantages of a venturi system powering instruments?
    • susceptible to icing
    • does not work until the aircraft is flying
  81. The rotor vanes of a dry vacuum pump are made of?
  82. Air driven gyroscopic instruments require very ______ air.
  83. An AME can dissassemble and repair an instrument. true or false
  84. 3 instruments connected to the static system are?
    • altimeter
    • airspeed
    • vsi
  85. Pitot ice is prevented by ?
    electricly heating the pitot tube
  86. The alternate source valve is located in the (pitot or static) system.
  87. Greenwich mean time is also known as?
    Z , Zulu
  88. What does EHSI stand for?
    Electronic horizontal situation indicator
  89. What does CRT stand for?
    Cathode ray tube
  90. Shock mounts are used to isolate instruments from (high freq , low ampl or low freq, high ampl) vibration?
    Low freq, high amplitude
  91. A shock mounted instrument panel must be (bonded or grounded) to the airframe to provide a _______ path.
    bonded , return
  92. After completing a static system test it is critically important to?
    remove all material used to block off ports
  93. A static system leak check is satisfactory if the altimeter drops no more than ___ feet in one minute.
    100 feet a minute
  94. Color codes for conditions on the airspeed indicator.
    Never exceed speed
    flap operating speed
    caution area
    best single engine rate of climb
    normal operating range
    • red line
    • white arc
    • yellow arc
    • blue radial line
    • green arc
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