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  1. What aspect of exercise is controlled during isokinetic exercise?
    The velocity of the limb movement.
  2. Valsalva’s maneuver should be avoided during resistance exercise because?
    There is an abrupt increase in arterial blood pressure.
  3. To initiate quick burst of force, plyometric training uses?
    The stretch reflex
  4. When trying to improve stability in and around a joint, closed chain exercise maybe more beneficial than open chain because?
    Closed chain stimulates mechanoreceptors in axial loading.
  5. An individual requires less effort to control a load eccentrically than concentrically because?
    Fewer motor units firing
  6. More _____ is produced with eccentric contractions than with concentric contractions.
  7. During muscle stretching, a sustained stretch is recommended for 30 to 60 seconds because?
    Allows the GTO to fire.
  8. During a stretch of the latissimus dorsi, you would stabilize where?
    Lateral thorax
  9. When using the hold relax technique to stretch a muscle, you would have the patient?
    Isometrically contract the muscle
  10. What is the plastic change of connective tissue?
    Permanent lengthening
  11. An effective way to lengthen a tight muscle, particularly if the tight muscle is painful or is in the early stages of healing is by?
    Agonist contractions
  12. A passive procedure to increase mobility.
  13. If the moving bone is convex, gliding is in the _____ direction.
  14. A capsular patter restriction of the shoulder would have the greatest loss of motion in what movement?
    External rotation
  15. Grade I and II for joint mobilization are primarily to treat what?
    Pain and muscle spasms
  16. A large amplitude rhythmic oscillation performed up to the limit and stressed into the tissue resistance is what grade of dosage?
    Grade III
  17. Separation of joint surfaces at right angles during joint mobilization is called?
  18. The resting position of this joint is flexed 25 degrees.
  19. The resting position of this joint is slight flexion.
  20. The resting position is abducted 55 degrees, adducted 30 degrees, and rotated so the forearm is in the horizontal plane.
  21. The resting position is flexed 70 degrees and supinated 10 degrees.
  22. The resting position is flexed 30 degrees, abducted 30 degrees, and slight external rotation.
  23. Restriction of motions are proportional relative to each other suggesting joint capsule tightness.
    Capsular pattern
  24. Motions that occur between joint surfaces and the distensibility in the joint capsule.
    Joint play
  25. Which ligament becomes taut in open chain knee flexion?
  26. At what flexion angle is compression of the posterior aspect of the patella greatest?
    60 degrees
  27. The tissue used to surgically reconstruct the ACL using an autogenous patellar tendon graft goes through a process of:
    Avascular necrosis in the first 3 weeks
  28. Closed chain exercises can begin for a patient after a meniscus repair after _____ weeks.
    8 weeks
  29. Movement of bones due to the shape of the bony surface.
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