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  1. Activation of bcl-2
    Triggers release of cytochrome C from mitochondria membrane, initiating apoptosis
  2. Activation of extrinsic apoptotic pathway
    Fas-Fas ligand interaction or release of perforin and granzyme from NK or cytotoxic T cells
  3. Nuclear signs of irreversible cell damage
    Pyknosis, karyolysis, karyorrhexis
  4. Chemotactic factors for neutrophils
    C5a, IL8, LT B4, kallikrein
  5. Cells that mediate acute inflammation
    Neutrophils, eosinophils
  6. Cells that mediate chronic inflammation
  7. Sialyl Lewis acid
    • Found on leukocyte membranes
    • Adhesion molecule that mediates rolling by binding to E and P selectin
  8. ICAM-1
    Found in endothelium, mediates tight binding
  9. What adhesion molecule mediates diapedesis?
  10. Primary amyloidosis
    AL protein--Ig ight chains, seen in MM
  11. Secondary amyoidosis
    • AA protein, derived from serum amyloid associated protein
    • Seen in chronic inflammatory diseases
  12. Senile cardiac amyloidosis
    Caused by transthyretin deposis
  13. Diabetic amyloidosis
    Associated with amylin deposits
  14. Alzheimer's amyloidosis
    Beta amyloid deposits
  15. Dialysis-associated amyloidosis
    Beta-2 microglobulin deposits, derived from MHC I proteins
  16. Iron poisoning
    • Cell death due to peroxidation of membrane lipids
    • Presents with gastric bleeds and high anion gap metabolic acidosis
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