MA 161

  1. bone
    dense, hard connective tissue composing the skeleton
  2. osteoclast
    bone cell that absorbs and removes unwanted bony tissue
  3. compound fracture
    bone is broken and a fragment of bone protrudes through an open wound in the skin
  4. osteogenic sarcoma
    common malignant tumor arising from osteoblasts.
  5. osteoporosis
    decrease in bone density (mass); thinning and weakening of bone
  6. articulation
    any type of joint
  7. synovial joint
    a freely movable joint
  8. tendon
    connective tissue binds muscles to bones
  9. rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
    chronic joint condition with inflammation and pain; caused by an autoimmune reaction against joint tissue, particularly the synovial membrane
  10. dislocation
    displacement of a bone from its joint
  11. ganglion
    fluid-filled cyst arising from joint capsules or tendons, typically in the hand
  12. strain
    injury involving the overstretching of muscle
  13. flexion
    decreasing the angle between two bones; bending a limb
  14. extension
    increasing the angle between two bones; straightening out a limb
  15. abduction
    movement away from the midline of the body
  16. adduction
    movement toward the midline of the body
  17. rotation
    circular movement around an axis (central point)
  18. dorsiflexion
    decreasing the angle of the ankle joint so that the foot bends backward (upward)
  19. plantar flexion
    motion that extends the foot downward the ground as when pointing the toes or stepping on the gas pedal
  20. supination
    as applied to the hand and forearm, the act of turning the palm up
  21. pronation
    as applied to the hand and forearm, the act of turning the palm down
  22. origin of a muscle
    connection of the muscle to a stationary bone
  23. smooth muscle
    visceral muscle
  24. striated muscle
    skeletal muscle
  25. arthroscopy
    visual examination of a joint with an arthroscope and television camera
  26. bone scan
    uptake of a radioactive substance is measured in bone
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