law and ethics ch 9 (phlebotomy)

  1. HIPPA
    Health insurance portability and accountability act of 1996
  2. privileged communication
    a confidential communication that a person on the witness stand cannot be forced to disclose
  3. waive
    to surrender a claim, privilege, or right the utterance of a false charge that damages another's reputation.
  4. nexus
    The connection between two or more things.
  5. HIPPA disclosure matters
    • 1) personal health information (PHI) security
    • 2) Standard diagnosis and treatment codes
    • 3) privacy of individually identifiable health information
    • 4) requires pt consent for basic treatment
    • 5) written consent for nondisclosure required with all persons having access to PHI
  6. T

    • Medical office personnel must
    • maintain the same standards of confidentiality as a physician.
  7. examples of privileged communication
    • husband wife
    • physician patient
    • priest and patient
  8. HIPPA doesn't allow individuals to enforce its provisions:
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