WTI Aviation Ground Support

  1. The _______________________, a subordinate unit of the Marine Wing Support Group, conducts airfield operations, maintenance functions as well as aviation ground support functions.
    Marine Wing Support Squadron
  2. The __________________ is the nucleus for coordination and execution of aviation ground support services and functions for the Marine Wing Support Squadron (MWSS).

    a. Tactical Air Operations Center

    b. Combat Operations Center

    c. Direct Air Support Center

    d. Aviation Ground Support
    Operations Center
    • d. Aviation Ground Support Operations
    • Center
    • (AGSCOC)
  3. The Marine Wing Support Squadron (MWSS) is responsible for the following activities:
    Airfield Operations

    Air Base Ground Defense (ABGD)

    Base Recovery after Attack (BRAAT)

    Airfield Damage Repair (ADR)

    • Forward Arming and Refueling Point
    • (FARP)
  4. The Marine Wing Support Squadron's airfield support functions are:

    a. Air Traffic Control, Expeditionary
    Airfields and Aircraft Rescue
    and Firefighting.

    b. Aviation and ground refueling,
    Aviation Ordnance and Flightline

    c. Expeditionary Airfields, Aircraft
    Rescue and Firefighting, and
    Aviation and ground refueling.

    d. Air Traffic Control, Flightline Security
    and Airfield Communications.
    • c. Expeditionary Airfields
    • Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting
    • Aviation and ground refueling
  5. The primary responsiblity of aviation and ground refueling to the Aviation Combat Element (ACE) is which element?

    a. Marine Logistics Group (MLG)

    b. Ground Combat Element (GCE)

    c. Marine Wing Support Squadron

    d. Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron
    • c. Marine Wing Support Squadron
    • (MWSS)
  6. The ____________ designates the MWSS commanding officer to perform the role of the air base commandant.

    a. MAGTF Commander
    b. ACE Commander
    c. MEB Commander
    d. MWSG Commander
    b. ACE Commander
  7. The three main categories of engineer services provided by the engineer operations company are general _______ services, _________, material handling and ________ __________ services.
    • engineering
    • utilities
    • heavy equipment
  8. Under general engineering services, doctrinally the engineer operations company has the capability to construct, improve, and maintain a vertical/takeoff and landing (VTOL) and vertical/short takeoff and landing (STOVL) facilities, not to exeed ____ feet.

    a. 3000
    b. 300
    c. 8500
    d. 900
    d. 900
  9. The primary mission of the MWSS military police at the foward operating base is to provide _________________.
    flight line security and security to critical ACE activities.
  10. The ___________________________ platoon is responsible for flight line and foward operating base (FOB) fire protection.
    Aircraft Rescue and Fire fighting (ARFF)
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