law and ethics ch 4 (phlebotomy)

  1. contact
    an agreement, written or unwritten, between two parties that creates an obligation under specific circumstances
  2. offer
    a proposal to perform a certain action or pay a specified amount
  3. acceptance
    the act of agreeing with the terms of an offer to the terms of a proposed contact
  4. consideration
    something promised that results in making an agreement a lawful contact
  5. remedies
    legal ways to correct or prevet a wrong to enforce a right
  6. specific performance
    the remedy of carrying out a contract as specified
  7. injunctive relief
    remedy provided by a court decision preventing or requiring someone to perform a particular action
  8. implied contract
    not indicated by direct words by evident from the conduct of the parties
  9. express contract
    clear, definitive agreement between two or more parties
  10. warranty
    a promise that certain facts are truly represented
  11. managed care organization (MCO)
    a corporate entity that manages patient care by integrating providing of care and financing a care
  12. capitated rate
    the fee paid to providers for care to patients irrespective of how much care the patients may require; also referred to as "per member per month" (PMPM)
  13. minors
    person who are under the legal adult age
  14. incompetents
    those who lack the necessary qualifications to perform a duty
  15. guardian
    a person lawfully entrusted to take care of the person, property, and rights of someone incapable of managing his or her own affairs
  16. statute of frauds
    the provision that no suit or action shall be maintained regarding a particular type of contract unless there is a memorandum of that contract signed by the person to be charged or by his or her authorized agent
  17. manual assent
    common agreement of both parties
  18. legal disability
    no legal capacity for mutual assent
  19. age of majority
    the full legal age determined by carying state statutes
  20. emancipated minor
    someone under the age 18 ears who is completely self-supporting
  21. mature minor
    a person capable of appreciating the nature, extent, and consequences of his or her (medical) treatment
  22. mental incompetence
    lack of reasoning faculties that are needed to enable someone to deal with the ordinary affairs of life sufficiently mentally deranged to affect one's capacity for rational judgment
  23. conservator
    a court appointed person given authority to manage the financial affairs of an incompetent person
  24. undue influence
    Any improper persuasion to make someone act differently from his or her own will
  25. principal
    the employer, or source of authority, of the agent or employee
  26. abandon
    to give up or cease doing
  27. indigent
    lacking sufficient means to support oneself or anyone for whom one is responsible
  28. memorialize
    to have a physician write a letter to a patient who wishes to discharge him or her in which the physician documents reasons for the patient's desire to change physicians. The letter is sent by certified mail with return receipt requested
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